Sunday, September 2, 2012

Changelog 2012-08-27, 2012-09-02 and ND Video:

here, I summarize this week's additions to my public naturopathy database.  I also link to an ND's video each changelog, quote from, and tag the video in some detail:

001. added:

the vitalism of:

ND Ceaser; 
ND Celik 

ND Chinoy; 
ND Charney; 
ND Chua;

the science claims of:

ND Han; ND Hernandez, M.;
NMD Hinojosa-Sinks; ND Hokayem; NMD Hoppe;
ND Hughes; ND Horne-Paul; ND Handwerger;
NDs Hickman and Matthews; ND Harden; 
NDs Hitkari, Montroy, Wong; 
NDs Holdorf, Johnson, Singley 

002. video of the week link [not to pun]:

Steels, B. (ND CCNM?) states in the piece "Healthwatch: Naturopathic Medicine" [vsc 2012-09-01]:

#appliedkinesiology #darkfieldmicroscopy #livebloodanalysis #pseudodiagnostics #NDSteels #homeopathy #antipathic #tricks
"[from the description] what is it and who can it help? Pamela VanMeer takes a look at naturopathic medicine in this report [...from the video, the reporter] Brenna Steels is a doctor but not in the traditional sense.  She's not a medical doctor.  She is a naturopathic doctor.  She can treat any condition that an MD treats [shown is a dark field microscope] but in a very different way [...the ND] as a naturopath  [etc....shows in the dark field microscope's field on a monitor...the reporter] Steels a has a lot of tricks up her sleeve [shown is the ND doing dark field microscopy...] one of them is live blood analysis [shown is blood being taken and put on a slide...the ND] we can see how the liver is stressed.  We can see if there is any viruses, pathogens, bacteria [then we hear patient testimonials...shown is applied kinesiology x2...the reporter] NDs have a bachelor degree and four years of medical school  [the practice door is show saying] nutrition and homeopathy, acupuncture, live blood analysis [...] they study things like [...] homeopathic medicine [...and we here from]  Dr. Adam Prinsen  [who tells most type of medicine is] antipathic ";

Note: oh how woo marches on, oh Canada. "Tricks" is quite the appropriate word.  Here's a thorough evisceration of live blood cell analysis at Science-Based Medicine.  Here's Quackwatch's take on applied kinesiology.
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