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Via CT Post 2012-11-23: University of Bridgeport vs. Mayor Finch

here, I cite from a recent article detailing the 'tension' between Bridgeport, CT's Mayor [my mayor] and the University of Bridgeport [my alma mater; see 001., below]; then, I briefly encompass my experience at UB as a naturopathy student in the last 1990s / early 2000s aka 'naturopathillogical falsehood / fraud' [see 002., below]; and then, I muse [see 003., below]:

001. the Connecticut Post writes in "Mayor has Chilly Relationship with University of Bridgeport" [vsc 2012-11-24; my comments are in unquoted bold]:

"[as reported by Brian Lockhart] the University of Bridgeport [...on] Park Avenue [ a] seaside campus [...] in the city's South End [...with] 56 acres, 4,877 students and 900 employees [...]";

yes, go on...

"Mayor Bill Finch [...runs] Connecticut's largest municipality but [...has a supposedly continuing] feud [...with UB that] dates to the early 1990s [...supposedly] Finch spent the last 20 years nurturing his contempt [...and] Finch avoids the campus [...] in 2009 [...] he lamented to Hearst Newspapers that the city deserves a strong university, not one run by 'a criminal organization' [...] asked last week if his administration's icy relationship with UB has since thawed, Finch smiled and said, 'Happy Thanksgiving [...] that's it. That's all I'm going to say' [...] when further pressed on whether UB is a resource for building the city's economy [...]";

I did not know this!!!

"then-councilman Finch [...] formerly the university's assistant director of alumni relations [...] strove mightily and unsuccessfully to stop the controversial Unification Church [aka] the 'Moonies' from coming to the bankrupt UB's rescue in exchange for 60 percent of the seats on the board of trustees [...he] shared critics' views that the church was a dangerous, brainwashing cult that wanted UB as a recruitment machine. He then fought to try to have the state strip UB's accreditation [...]";

nice!  Now, when I went to UB between 1998 and 2002, I didn't experience any kind of 'Moonie pressure', I must say, though there were church members in my classes.  It would be quite a contradiction if the school that self-labels itself "nonsectarian" were to actually be sectarian in terms of content / proselytizing.  Oh, wait, I'll talk about that in 003., because though not sectarian in that 'new religious movement' Moonie kind of way in my experience, my supposed nonsectarian "science-based" education ended up being quite 'science-ejected sectarian' [in the sense of the history of science and medicine because, traditionally, crap ideas posing as legitimate 'in-evidence' claims are labeled sectarian dogma, and that began in the 1800s, as far as I can tell].

"since the late 1990s the school has been able to stand on its own financially [...]";

in part due to their 'alternative medicine' colleges / programs, one of which I attended.  This is a carefully worded statement, because it doesn't say that UB's 60% UC board 'ownership' has ended.

"the city's and state's movers and shakers, from Connecticut's congressional delegation on down to local public school officials and business leaders, have long-since embraced UB as a partner [...]";

yes, 'they all' are accomplice to many things.  And what can one of those things be?  See 002., below.

"if [only] the mayor embraced the school as a partner to boost economic development and improve education [...and there have been] educational collaborations with Bridgeport's public schools, including offering seniors free college-level courses [...]";

the IRONY is killing me.

"[and UB tells us] the mayor does damage by withholding his endorsement [...] having the mayor as your advocate is by far better [...and Shays say] he just has to wrap his arms around the university [...]";

ha, quite the reversal of values!

"[someone else says UB] it has benefits for the local economy but a dark side [...]";

oh, yeah baby. 

002. UB's naturopathy program in an nutshell:

I left the naturopathy college at UB voluntarily in 2002.  So, a decade ago, I ceased my doctoral degree pursuit.  This was due to the fraudulent position that inherently is naturopathy / naturopathic medicine.  I realized that then, and for the past ten years I've been blogging about naturopathy as it exists worldwide and in North America.   Let me briefly share with you the "dark side" of naturopathy.  I sometimes call this the naturopathillogical or licensed falsehood.

here's one way to do it:

exhibit A is naturopathy claiming to be, explicitly, "science-based" or a "branch of medical science" (here, which in my database I refer to as Appendix I.) and here is a collection within that appendix of UB specifically stating that naturopathy is within a 'division of science' and is "scientific medicine";

exhibit B is naturopathy describing a fundamental precept, known as vitalism (here, which in my database I refer to as Appendix B.) and here is a collection within that appendix of UB specifically stating UB's naturopathy program as based on such a "life force";

exhibit C here is the scientific consensus stating that such ideas as vitalism are exterior to science / science-ejected;

now, also you can do this with what naturopaths DO, not just what they are required to take an oath to [the above vitalism and kind and falsely presenting it as science-based].  Take their homeopathy, which one is required to take and practice within a naturopathy degree (here it is at UB) and is on the North American licensure exam.  On that exam page, and at UB, homeopathy is falsely labeled as science-supported.  The truth is the exact opposite.

and you can do this with so many other parts of naturopathy, worldwide and at UB.  Canada's Skeptic North recently did a scathing analysis of one ND's claims up there, and National Geographic's Science Blogs' Respectful Insolence again schwacked naturopathy in labeling it the pseudoscience that it is.

003. musing:

it is SO EASY to destroy naturopathy's false claims, and particularly UB naturopathy's quite stupid science-subset-nonscience irrational claim.  I regard it as a racket.  The CT Post article's language is quite convenient, and I mean it in light of their naturopathy program:

"a dangerous, brainwashing cult" ------------------>
yes, naturopathy is, IMHO;

'the sectarian posed as nonsectarian' ------------------------->
yes, here is UB stating supposed nonsectarian and here is this naturopathy junk thought properly labeled sectarian;

'state and officials' endorsement / advocacy / partnership' ------------------------------->
I don't think is would be wise for a State or a politician to endorse or advocate for education fraud / science fraud.  The State of CT is already an accomplice, though, in licensing this falsehood both academically and clinically.

'to improve education' ------------------------------>
how does abject miseducation and academic falsehood improve education?  And what is the DANGER in sending public school minors into the jaws of these fraudsters?

I cringe.

and I hope that the Mayor, the CTAG, and the Feds go in there and clean up this racket because if ever the term "criminal organization" applied aka RICO, I think North American naturopathy is that indeed / in deed.

addendum 2012-11-30: 

I guess I wouldn't have bothered doing THIS if the CT Post hadn't deleted my comment to their article simply, apparently, because it wasn't vicious-enough-against-Finch.  I have no problems with Finch.  In fact when I marched in the BPT St. Paddy's Parade with the Gaelic Club it was great to see the Mayor out there so supportive of my heritage.

THIS is an email I just sent [in purple] to my Mayor, and the saga continues:

Dear Mayor,
I'm writing to you directly in part due to the shameful administration of the comments section of the article the CT Post ran, "Mayor has Chilly Relationship with University of Bridgeport"
It seems that comments don't stay up there, for whatever reason, and the one's that last longest are the
ones that are the most anti-Finch.
My own comment was there fore a while, then excised.
It wasn't anti-Finch at all, or inflammatory.
The simple question I asked was basically how does dredging all this up help the city?
So, now it is gone.
This is quite a bit of thuggery.
Well, I went to UB between 1998 and 2002 in their naturopathy program and to briefly describe that scene I'd use the term
So, being chilly to them is not a problem for me.
In fact, I've been trying to get State and Federal overseers to do something about the rank academic mislabeling of nonsense-falsely-labeled-as-scientific for a good ten years now.
I blog, on the side, when I'm not teaching medical science, and so, if it's of any interest, here's my take on that CT Post piece:
-Rob Cullen
Bridgeport, CT

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