Sunday, December 9, 2012

Colorado's Sir Doctor Naturopath Young and a Claim of Scientific Nonscience

here, I share a glaring example of 'naturopathic knowledge mislabeling' [see 001., below]; and, that naturopath's admission / permission of the 'quackery' label [see 002., below]; and finally, via her book, her credentials and the schools involved [see 003., below]:

001. Young, S.K. (CTN HHA) states in "Services and Products" [vsc 2012-12-09]:

"the intent in homeopathic science is to discover the current energy pattern of the person’s vital force. This includes looking into their symptoms, personality and lifestyle."

Note: how nice!  Homeopathy is in no manner supported by science or a science, and a vital force as a concept is indeed HUGELY science-ejected [this is in 'For Dummies' type books!!!].  In one sentence, the naturopath has epitomized naturopathy's false labeling of knowledge kind.

002. in the press release "Naturopath's Insightful New Book Urges Readers to Wake Up & Protect Their Healthcare Freedoms" [vsc 2012-12-09], we are told:

"‘If Naturopaths are 'Quacks'... Then I Guess I'm a Duck: Confessions of a Naturopath’ [ a book by] by Shauna K. Young, a certified traditional naturopath (CTN) with a PhD in natural sciences [...aka] Dr. Shauna Young."

Note: or should we just use the nickname / admission 'Dr. Quack'?  I don't know what the author would prefer to be called, but permission seems to have been given to use the 'q' word!

003. in the book, ISBN 1470093359 978-1470093358,via's search page (here), we're told [vsc 2012-12-09; my comments are in unquoted bold]:

"Shauna [] the owner and medical director [...and] obtained her degree as a naturopath under a regimented correspondence curriculum through the Herbal Healer Academy [...and] holds a bachelor of science degree in natural sciences [...and] a doctor of philosophy (PhD) in natural sciences from the University of Natural Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico [...]";

so much SCIENCE!  Yet, something as absurd as homeopathy is still HUGELY FALSELY held up by the naturopath as "science"!  Just what I want, correspondence science and correspondence medicine below the 'dummies' level! The HHA home page is loaded with a bunch of products they are offering [odd for an academy!], and here is their correspondence course list.  Sir Doctor Naturopath Young is listed on the adjunct faculty page of the UNM here.

"[she] was also knighted into the international Sovereign Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller [...]";

is that SMOKH?  They don't seem to have a web page that ranks on's first page offerings.  If you are a knight, I believe it is proper to call you SIR.  Perhaps they are the nights who say 'quack' [not nee].

"in traditional naturopathy approved schools we study [...such things as] homeopathy [...] reflexology [...] Bach flower remedies."

now, at Science-Based Medicine, homeopathy and reflexology are termed "unscientific or prescientific medicine", and BFR is termed "too silly".

and the book has an entire anti-vaccine chapter.  But, this is where scientific skepticism stands regarding such naturoPATHillogicality, via the JREF.

004. overall note:

factions of naturopaths have been at it for years in Colorado regarding the licensure issue. Sir Doctor Naturopath Young represents one type, the ANMA, I believe.  Now, their opposition claims to meet much higher standards via 'in-residence' schools, instead of correspondence schools.  They are the AANP type.  But, if even those types extoll this same 'false knowledge labeling' of nonsense meme unabashedly sold as science-based, then there is NO DIFFERENCE.

and the racket continues.
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