Friday, February 1, 2013

Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales versus Homeopathy

here, I cite from recent reporting regarding Wikipedia's founder and his dislike of homeopathic nonsense:

001. Jessica Roy of reports in "Wikipedian at War: Jimmy Wales Sets His Sights on Homeopathy" (2013-01-31; my comments are in unquoted bold):

"homeopathy, an alternative form of medicine employed by free-spirited aunts everywhere, has just made a very potent enemy. On his newly-minted Quora blog, Wikipedia cofounder Jimmy Wales voiced his disapproval for the method, which has been systematically proven to be an ineffective pseudoscience [...]";

hear, hear.

002. Mr. Wales writes in "Homeopathy - Oscillococcinum in Particular" (2013-01-31):

"last week I was in a pharmacy [...] I had a sore throat and cough and wanted to buy some soothing cough drops [...] the clerk tried to sell me something else, Oscillococcinum.  He said that this is a French homeopathic remedy, which told me all that I need to know: homeopathy is a proven fraud [...] Oscillococcinum is a complete hoax product [...a] hoax remedy [...]";

hear, hear.  Yes, homeopathy is quite a sCAM.

"he went on to give some 'scientific' details [...] it would disrupt the DNA of the virus before it could make me ill. Well, that kind of lie is what makes me ill [...]";

me too.

"who should I talk to about this in order to encourage the creation of a campaign to stop this?  This is not my primary area of interest and so I am not the right person to lead it myself.  But I would like to help [...]";

in the UK, Andy Lewis and the Nightingale Collaboration come to mind.
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