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Changelog 2013-03-10 and ND Video

here, I summarize recent additions to my public naturopathy database.  I also link to an ND's video each changelog, quote from, and tag the video in some detail: 

001. added:

the vitalism of:

ND Brannick;
ND Brandeis;

ND Campbell;

ND Chanderbhan;
ND Churchill;
ND Chow;

ND MacDonald;
NDs Mammone;


the Naturopathic Medical Student Association

ND Steelsmith;

ND Theriault;

the science claims of:

the AANP;

ND Beaty;

ND Colicci; 
ND Czeranko;

ND Fainstat; 
ND Fleck;

ND Hannan; 
NDs Holk and White;
ND Henderson;

the Naturopathic Medical Student Association

ND Rose;

the University of Bridgeport;

the University of Bridgeport in the Connecticut Post;

the 'naturopathy is not science, is pseudoscience and / or quackery' claim of:

MD Crislip;
 JD Bellamy; 
both of 

002. video of the week link [not to pun]:

Steelsmith, L. (ND Bastyr 1993) in 'Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life with Joan Herrmann' "Dr. Laurie Steelsmith: Natural Health Choices"(2012)[vsc 2013-03-10; my comments are in unquoted bold]:

tags: #NDSteelsmith #qi #chi #vitalism #lifeforce #vitalforce #TCM #detox #incrediblepromises #acupuncture #allopathic #expertiseclaim
"[host] Dr. Steelsmith is a leading spokesperson on natural medicine [...] the book is 'Natural Choices For Women's Health' [...]";

ah, leading natural medicine spokesperson.  I guess that means the contents here I'll be sharing has a little more weight?  Here's the book, (ISBN 140004796X 978-1400047963), this video mentions, at Amazon.  Unfortunately, it is not searchable there, but, a used copy can be had for about $7 shipped. 

"[host] you say that our body has the power to heal itself [...LS] your body has an incredibly innate ability to not only heal from a cut but actually to heal from most of the things that you may be suffering from [...] by supporting these ten different organs in our bodies we can resolve many of these common health issues [...] symptoms that our bodies give us are really our bodies' wisdom [...] that something is out of balance [...] energy, people want more energy, they want more vitality [...] ultimately what we need to do, we need to rekindle this powerful life force in them which we call chiChi is from Chinese medicine [...] in my book I have it all outlined for the reader on how they can rekindle this powerful life force.  This powerful life force is a creative force, and it's vitality, and it's the energy that you need to live a happy wonderful life, and have creative energy so you an manifest the things that you want in your life [...] we actually have an innate knowledge on how to heal ourselves [...] ";

ye grand old vitalism at the heart of naturopathy's context.

"acupuncture [...] it works on tapping into a person's body's own life force and their own chi and it helps to redirect that energy [...] it's actually tapping in to the body's own vital force, their own energy [...] to create wellness [...] pushing the body's energy in the right direction [...] it's very beneficial [...] if you have physical and structural issues, it's phenomenal [...] it is a phenomenal form of medicine [...] you want to see someone whose done a three to four year post-graduate program [...] it's just a very effective form of medicine [...]";

ah, quackupuncture, from chi-nese medicine.  Based on science-ejected vitalism, of course, and given this quite absurd label of "phenomenal."  Now, just to point out the equations: healing power = energy = vitality = life force = chi = vital force.  I'd say overall they come from naturopathy subset acupuncture and homeopathy.   A lot of really good science has been done on acupuncture, and the better the study, the more indistinguishable treatment effect is from nontreatment effect.  In other words, it doesn't work beyond a mundane and very weak noxious stimuli effect.  No, not phenomenal, not very effective at all: about as effective as chewing a chili pepper.  And it always amazes me how a graduate-level [she says post-graduate but means graduate-level] supposed masters in science can be so, essentially, hokey, which is what an MS in acupuncture or TCM is.

"I've been doing Chinese medicine for close to twenty years now [...] this medicine was formed thousands of years ago and it still holds true today [...] in fact, a lot of the theories in Chinese medicine are being confirmed by Western research [...] for instance, in Chinese medicine they talk about how the liver stores the blood and blood is a form of chi, and in Western medicine we find that when people are at rest the liver stores most of your body's blood [...]";

TCM holds as true today as alchemy and astrology.  And the example!  I think if your liver was storing "most" of the body's'd be dead.  'Therefore, she's a duck' kind of logic.  Now, it has been a while since I was in a physiology classroom, but it's the spleen not the liver that stores any noncirculating erythrocytes.  And blood is real, not a fantasy like chi.  Holds true?  I think not.  This is fake physiology posed as "true".

"our livers are so important for detoxification [...] why do we need to detoxify? [...] if we don't take the garbage out of our bodies, things get pretty uncomfortable and often will manifest in all kinds of rashes and headaches and digestive disturbances etc. [...] detox is super-important [...] in my book I have an extensive cleanse people can do, one for the liver one for the digestive system [...]";

"[host] doctor what is naturopathic medicine? [...LS] we are trained physicians.  We go to accredited medical school .  Naturopathic medicine focuses on treating the underlying cause of disease. It utilizes medicines that help to stimulate the bodies own healing process, it doesn't just suppress symptoms [...]";

I think if you are basing your medicine on invisible, underlying, science-ejected forces...then you are actually, more correctly, a metaphysician and not a physician.  And NDs go to naturopathic school, not medical school.  Suppression, which is a typical accusation naturopaths make regarding regular medicine, specifically refers to harming that imaginary vital force and its detoxification pathways.

"naturopathic medicine and holistic medicine when it is practiced as naturopathic physicians, we are not interested in saying you can never take an allopathic or traditional Western medicine [...] we are blending the best of both worlds [...] often there's a misconception that our training is suboptimal [...] or that we don't really go to accredited medical colleges [...] in fact we actually have a four year post graduate training [...] we've got the medical knowledge [...] allopathic or traditional Western medicine [...] our depth of knowledge [...]";

I'm marinating in the irony, presently. 

"food really is our medicine [...]";

no it's not.  Food is as much medicine as chi is energy!  Food matters but medicine is medicine, food is food, or you'd need a prescription for a banana.

"and what I call mind-spirit [...]";

of course, the mind is a supernatural occurrence? Tell that to the whole field of modern psychology, which bases itself on methodological naturalism.

"you want to eat organic food [...]";

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