Monday, June 24, 2013

Where The Naturocrit Podcast Can Be Found!

here is a quick post on how to listen to The Naturocrit Podcast as download or streaming:

001. there's storage at

and here's the general page for that.  I hold the copyright on the logo, by the way, as the creator, but feel free to use it for non-commercial purposes like ultimate frisbees.  I've yet to get a t-shirt made, BTW.

002. there's Podbean:

003. and there's iTunes:

  and here's that general page.  Now, the contents aren't explicit, if it is saying that currently.  I missed that radio button when I first went through Podbean's RSS iTunes protocols.  Unless, of course, we're talking about being explicitly critical and detailed!!!

Note: I'm posting the podcast as a series and not a periodical.  The future is too uncertain to schedule!  But, I will do more, as time allows.

and as for the backlashing by the backlashers that is sure to happen from the naturopathy and sCAM believers, remember that I'm Scottish as well as Irish, and it has been said about me before:

"Aye, he's a wee git."
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