Tuesday, October 8, 2013

ND Bongiorno in Psychology Today: Naturopathy's Manipulative Disguise Continues!

here, I cite from a recent 'opaque and misleading' article by a naturopath in Psychology Today [see 001., below]; then, using that same ND's own writings, I show what isn't being talked about that is at the heart of naturopathy [see 002., below]:

001. ND Bongiorno writes in "Naturopathic Medicine Week: Naturopathic Doctors Recognized: Congress Recognizes the Safety and Effectiveness of Naturopathic Care" (2013-10-07)[vsc 2013-10-08; my comments are in unquoted bold]:

"naturopathic medicine is a form of holistic primary care that, until now, has been kept hidden from view [...these] holistic primary care doctors";

hmmm, the 'hidden holistic naturopathic.'  I like it.  Lets shed some light on it and end its endarkenment / occult nature!

"Congress has recognized:  'the value of naturopathic medicine in providing safe, effective, and affordable health care [...]";

the last time I checked, a political decree is not a consensus statement regarding what science supports regarding 'the essentially naturopathic'.  This is actually an end-run AROUND the filters of science.  E.g.: homeopathy is an empty and bogus therapy.  So, how is naturopathy's homeopathy effective?  How is spending money on homeopathy affordable?  How is it safe to use homeopathy instead of something that actually works?

 "naturopathic medicine, what is it? [...]";

well, don't count on being given a transparent definition!  Calling naturopathy effective in terms of things like its homeopathy is what naturopathy actually ISN'T.  Oh, the reversal of values!

"ND’s attend 4-year medical colleges accredited by the Department of Education [...]";

hey, I went to one of those schools.  You know, the programs called science which are full of the science-exterior [VMN anyone?].  And there are so many accessories to this RACKET, '.gov' included.

"ND’s have training equivalent to that of a conventional medical doctor [...]";

I don't think that medical doctors are trained that blatant nonscience can be legitimately marketed as science, to begin with.  Like UB calling homeopathy, the supernatural, and vitalism "health science".  What crap.

"the philosophy of a naturopathic medical education is quite unique [...]";

I'll say.  I dealt with this in this podcast episode.

"naturopathic medical students are taught throughout their four years of medical school that the body has an innate ability to heal [...]";

oh, the disguising, the disguising!  The ACTUAL 'thing' that the ND codes here is a belief in a 'vital force' running physiology and responsible for health and disease.  Why don't we DESERVE a transparent explanation???  Why must we be manipulated with language that is so NOT that concept?  This is the utterly ethically repugnant aspect of naturopathic communication activity.  I'll show what the ND has said in the past in 002., below.

"common sense medicine [...] sounds like common sense medicine [...]";

it doesn't make much sense to me to mislead people.  It catches up with the perps eventually.

"common sense medicine is not currently practiced in our country and the results are showing [...] the vast majority of commonly-used medications do not actually treat the underlying cause of illness [...] the usual mainstream approach of applying medications to cover symptoms [...]";

ah, yes.  Naturopathy has THE answers that modern medical science as grossly overlooked.  For me, that answer they have is this idea of a disturbance of that fictitious vital force.  Now, creating a fake problem and then opportunistically providing a solution for it is usually termed racketeering. 

"we can do much better [...]";

oh, the irony!  We SURELY can do much better than naturopathy, the licensed falsehood!

"ND’s are primary care providers who emphasize natural interventions [...] expert natural health care [...]";

I've discussed 'the naturalness fallacy' in this podcast episode.

"the word doctor comes from the Latin term ‘docere’, which means ‘to teach.’ ND’s spend ample time with each of their patients teaching [...]";

teaching nonsense mixed with sense, and then falsely labeling the whole thing sense.

"consider visiting the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians website (www.naturopathic.org) for information [...]";

ah, yes, that kind of stupid naturopathic information such as falsely labeling homeopathy a science.

"Peter Bongiorno ND, LAc [...]";

naturopathy is wed to homeopathy and acupuncture.  Now, in Ontario, Canada, NDs don't have to get separately licensed to practice acupuncture.  That vitalistic basis of naturopathy can clearly be seen with this ND's web page up there.

002. the 'hidden holistic naturopathic' and naturopathy's truly 'occult nature':

002.a. ND Bongiorno, a Bastyr grad., which is a place that labels naturopathy "science-based", writes in "Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture":

"the term naturopathy refers to the idea of 'nature cure,' which uses the healing power of nature in an effort to allow the patient to cure their own illness by stimulating the body's vital force, or qi. The tenets of naturopathy hail from a number of healing traditions, including ayurveda, European eclectic medicines, the Greeks, and the Chinese taoist [...] the healing power of nature (vis medicatrix naturae): nature works through innate systems of healing in the body, and it is the NDs job to access this vital healing energy [...] both naturopathic and Chinese medicine thinking are generally very supportive of the vital qi energy [...]";

ah, yes, "common sense" medicine: the science subset nonscience kind of common sense.  The holistic, naturopathic, 'natural' reversal of epistemic values that would fail any freshman biology and philosophy course.
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