Sunday, December 22, 2013

Grant LaFleche on Naturopathy - Niagra Falls Review (2013-12-22)

here, it cite from a recent criticism of naturopathy and add my comments [see 001., below]:

001. Grant LaFleche writes in "I'll Stick to Muggle Science, Thanks" [my comments are in unquoted bold]:

"there are few things that make me go all a’ranting quite like pseudoscience [...] crystal power, snake oil cures and faith healing [...and] Ontario’s naturopaths [...who] are trying to acquire some of the same powers as medical doctors, namely the authority to prescribe powerful drugs and order tests from publicly funded labs [...]";

rant away!

"the naturopaths [...] say they go through a professional education program similar to 'allopathic' doctors [...] 'allopathic' is a term coined by naturopaths [...]";

yes they do!  Actually, allopathic is a term coined a couple hundred years ago by the founder of homeopathy, Hahnemann, to describe the 'regular' medicine of his time.  Naturopaths improperly use the label upon modern medicine AS IF medicine now is that heroic scary medicine of two hundred years ago.  Since naturopathy is sectarian medicine, I call the labeling of modern science-based medicine by naturopaths as 'allopathic' "the reverse sectarian accusation."

"according to the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors [...] they are taught to use homeopathy to treat patients [...] which is based on unsubstantiated 19th century claims [...] which is rather like being taught that rubbing a cat on your scalp will get rid of a migraine [...]";

love it!

"if you look at a homeopathic 'cure' under a microscope, what you find is [...] water. No trace of anything else can be found [...] homeopaths have all manner of bizarre, scientifically invalid claims [...] there I go, being all Muggly allopathic about requiring evidence and proper scientific studies for medical claims [...] homeopathy is a straight up ignorant fantasy [...] it is part of the naturopath’s training?! 'Danger, Will Robinson, DANGER!'";

snarky!  I too went through my DWRD phase.  Unfortunately the article spelled the last name Robison!  No worries!

"even the underlying ideas of naturopathy are nonsense. The association website says naturopathy is about unlocking 'the healing power of the body' [HPB] by 'understanding you body’s unique chemistry.' I know some like to believe each human being is a precious, individually crafted snowflake, but the truth is we aren’t all that 'unique.' While we find some genetic variation as a species, the reason antibiotics, vaccines, chemotherapy or kidney dialysis works and saves lives is because on a very basic, fundamental level, we are all the same. If we weren’t, medicine wouldn’t work at all [...]";

great point.  Here's another point: HPB isn't actually about the body at all.  It's about the vital force spirit figmentation said to animate the body, just coded as usual by the OAND.

"they cannot have it both ways. You can’t offer the quackery of homeopathy and then claim to be scientifically rigorous [...] the Ontario government should not give naturopaths the powers they are asking for [...let them] stick to their vials of water and leave curing disease in the capable hands of science."

hear, hear.  Of course, any area that claims it "is a distinct system that blends" is so far gone in terms of using SANE language to describe itself that it will likely not pay attention to SANE criticism.

naturopathy: "a virgin territory, pregnant with possibility..."
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