Thursday, February 13, 2014

The 2014 Iowa Naturopathy Bill, Briefly: Coded Premises, Misinformation

here, I briefly look at part of the language of the 2014 Iowa naturopathy licensure bill draft [see 001.c. below]; then, knowing naturopathy as I do, I decode the language to show 'what they essentially mean that they refuse to transparently disclose' [see 003.]:

001. the bill's language, as far as possible to know:

001.a. according to the Iowa Naturopathic Physicians' Association, in "Make a Difference in 15 Minutes":

the bill is "HSB 577" and "SSB 3139."

001.b. according to "Open:States":

the bill was introduced this 2014-01-28.

001.c. the latest bill text states:

"naturopathic medicine [...] a system of practice that is based on the natural healing capacity of individuals [NHCI]."

Note: and that's really all you get there.

002. some decoding of what Iowa NDs don't believe we deserve to know:

so, you'd think the NDs in Iowa were being forthcoming, but they are not.  

002.a. for example, a recent TV spot occurred featuring ND Casey Green, a graduate of NCNM 2007.

002.b. so, at NCNM, we find out what NHCI is: 

003. advice for naturopathy:

before you are maybe permitted to practice naturopathy in Iowa, first start practicing THE TRUTH by way of transparent, accurate definitions of the basis of naturopathy that people can then make informed decisions from.
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