Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fake Naturopathy Controversies: Vaccination-Antivaccination and Nonscientific-Scientific Vitalism

here, I muse on two FAKE controversies that naturopathy perpetuates, antivaccinationism and scientific vitalism:

001. the fake vaccine controversy of College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta [CNDA]:

001.a. Alissa Gaul, president of the CNDA, states in the article "Anti-Vaccine Message from Some Naturopaths Raises Concerns" (2014-04-14):

"anti-immunization [...] 'I think it's a grey issue' [...] there has been misinformation on both sides of the issue [...] people should do their due diligence and then decide, says naturopath college president [...];"

it is quite ironic to hear an ND organization speak of misinformation, and apparently a concern for informed consent.  To immunize is not a grey issue, it is hugely beneficial and exceptionally safe.  It is misinformation to state the benefit versus risk issue as a 50-50 'controversy'.  And don't get me started on due diligence and naturopathic false veneers.

002. the fake 'scientific vitalism' controversy:

002.a. we're told in the 2012 Textbook of Natural Medicine (ISBN 1437723330 9781437723335) [and this can be found at; under the Elsevier Health Sciences imprint, wink-wink], edited by NDs Murray and Pizzorno:

"the validity of vitalistic interventions can be scientifically demonstrated [...] vitalism is a medical philosophy based on observable scientific phenomena [...] there is no conflict with the findings of biomedical science [...]";

complete B.S.

"homeostasis is the most dramatic general argument in favor of vitalism [...and] 'the problem of entropy' [...because life is] antientropic [...guided by] a distinct quality that is not readily explained by mechanism [...and] evolution [...]";

more complete B.S.

"vitalism [...] the philosophy of vitalism is based on the concept that life is too well organized to be explained simply as a complex assemblage of chemical and physical reactions [...] an organizing force that goes beyond what is possible from mere chemistry [...] vis medicatrix naturae, the vital force, the healing power of nature [...]";

ah, vitalism, which has NO evidence and is actually science-ejected.

003. so the supposed controversies are:

003.a. vaccination versus nonvaccination;

003.b. an overlooked 'scientific status of vitalism' versus a biased 'nonscientific status of vitalism':

which is QUITE FAKE and of course, there's naturopathy's hypocrisy, wherein we're told of:

 "Galen's theory of disease of the four humors with its imaginary anatomy and physiology [...the] dogmatic theory that was more than 1500 years old and unsupported by any evidence [...];"

more irony.  Because a vital force beyond chemistry is QUITE imaginary and unsupported by evidence, just like science-ejected vitalism and antivaccinationism.
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