Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Naturopaths' Promotion of Dangerous Raw Milk

here, I cite from Forbes.com's Steven Salzberg regarding the dangers of raw milk [see 001.,below]; then, from two naturopaths promoting 'milk rawness' [see 002., below]:

001. first, Steven Salzberg at Forbes.com writes in "Raw Milk? A Fresh Glass Of Campylobacter And Salmonella. Yum" (2014-04-07):

"Louis Pasteur is one of the most famous scientists in history [...] in 1862, he invented the process of heating milk to kill the bacteria in it. Pasteurization, as we now call it, has saved millions of lives in the 150 years since [...]";

hear, hear.  Though I don't drink milk. The 1800s also was the time when naturopathy's central tenet, a 'vital force', took two severe blows [Wohler, thermodynamics] that basically knocked the idea out of the scientific category, and then in the 1900s the establishment of DNA as the structure of heredity finished the job [Watson & Crick].  Naturopathy doesn't know that it is an aimlessly wandering zombie corpse, in terms of its essential theories, upon the landscape of modern thought!

"we have plenty of good science about raw milk [and its risks]. A CDC review of infectious disease outbreaks across the U.S. from 1993-2006 found that 'the rate of outbreaks caused by unpasteurized milk (often called raw milk) and products made from it was 150 times greater than outbreaks linked to pasteurized milk' [...] don’t subject innocent children to the unnecessary risks of raw milk [...promoted on such sites as] RealMilk.com [...] 3-year-old Kylee Young, who the Washington Post wrote about this past Sunday, didn’t deserve to suffer kidney failure and a stroke after her mother fed her raw milk that was infected with E. coli O157:H7 [...]";

very sad.  Couple "raw" milk with the idea of "organic" / antibiotic-free milk and the risks must magnify.

002. and yet, naturopaths promote raw milk [just as they archaically promote vitalism, supernaturalism, homeopathy and such as within science].  A cursory search, by way of google.com, >naturopathic raw milk< returns these first-page results:

002.a. ND Melos (NCNM 1980) who states in "The Health Benefits of Raw Milk" (the 2014-03 archived version is here) :

"since I first started practicing in 1980, I’ve often had patients with allergies and sinus congestion from supermarket milk and cheese, switch to raw milk products from local cows or goats [...]";

I seriously doubt that milk and cheese TYPE is the issue with these patients.  Nothing like ORTHORHEXIA, wherein people impose needlessly strict eating regimes upon themselves.

"with this one change, the chronic allergies, sinus and middle ear congestion/infections often clear up, general health improves dramatically and they don’t catch every cold that comes around anymore [...]";

promises, promises.

002.b. ND Swanz (SCNM), of "Vital Force Naturopathy" [ah-yeah, vitalism in the title] hosts "Raw Milk Cheese - The Food of Champions (guest post)":

"as [naturopath] Ron Schmid writes, 'the human brain is a storehouse of omega-3 fatty acids, and adequate amounts of these fats lower the risks and alleviate the symptoms for a number of mental disorders, including dementia, depression, attention deficit disorder and schizophrenia. Heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and irregular heart rhythms' [...];

even if this was SO DRAMATICALLY true [which I doubt] as a direct cause, why add dangerous bacteria to the mixture?  Though I don't know if the process of making cheese from raw milk is as dangerous as drinking the raw stuff itself.  Cheese is so processed I don't think RAW is appropriate at all as a label upon it.  ND Schmid, by the way, was on staff at UB when I was doing their ND program.
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