Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Maine AND and ND Skerry on Tar Sands Oil (selective science)

here, I cite from an ND's criticism of environmentally damaging fossil fuel activities, by way of science [see 001., below]; but I wonder why science isn't thoroughly applied to the essentially naturopathic, and instead naturopathy has free reign to pollute academic science and medical commerce with their false labels [see 002., below]:

001. ND Skerry, who practice's naturopathy's classical homeopathy and is a 1994 NCNM graduate, writes in "Maine Voices: Blocking Tar Sands Oil is a Way to Help the Environment and our Health" (2014-05-10)[my comments are in unquoted bold]:

"[we're told] Priscilla Skerry, N.D., is a naturopathic doctor with a practice in South Portland. She wrote this on behalf of the Maine Association of Naturopathic Doctors [...]"; 


"my perspective, and that of my naturopathic medical colleagues practicing in the state of Maine, is one of prevention [...and] to look for the many causes of disease [...] most especially, the toxic burden their organs must endure from chemical and hormonal exposure in their available food, air and water supply [...]";

I believe the MAND is invoking the toxic bogey-man, as naturopathy so often does.  This is a hugely overblown scenario, in general, and they make money detoxifying you with treatments and things from their dispensaries: unnamed, unmeasured, or often, quite wrongly measured TOXINS.  Now, I'm all for alternative clean energy and a clean environment.  The subtitle of the article is "the prevalence of chronic diseases and neurological problems shows a need to protect air, water and land."  I don't get the logic: chronic disease and neurological disease IN GENERAL are not due to environmental toxins and body toxicity.  So, I so often see naturopathy's 'toxic scare' as self-serving bullshit.

"witnessing the state of our larger environment, we do appear to be in trouble.  The carbon in our atmosphere is causing Earth’s temperature to rise to alarming levels [...]";

and here we have invoked SCIENCE.  But naturopathy invokes science quite selectively.

002. so, science is used in terms of environmentalism, but:

why isn't science used through and through in terms of NATUROPATHY?  Environmentalism fits into naturopathy's ideology, but also in naturopathy's ideology is the science-ejected or science-exterior, which NDs dare not properly present as such.  Instead, they used false labels of "science" upon their science-exterior activities and beliefs.  I accuse the MAND of hypocrisy!

here's MAND's broad science claim, particularly academically.

here's science-ejected junk within naturopathy.  Oh, that's ND Skerry's biography and practicing activity details at MAND (archived here).

so, they claim science subset naturopathy except for those naturopathy contents.

you could also do it this way: go to the naturopathy explanation page of ND Skerry at her alma mater, NCNM, wherein science is claimed upon the patently science-ejected.

therein, naturopathy is a reversal of values.

 I'm glad NDs care about the environment, but truly, can they do something about their 'false-labeling' sectarian pollution of academic science and medical commerce?
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