Saturday, June 14, 2014

ND Pizzorno: The Man Who Coined Naturopathy's "Science-Based Natural Medicine" Deceptive Veneer

here, I quote from various web-dispersed biography pages of naturopath Pizzorno, J.E., 'old science-based Joe.'  He claims that the epistemic label "science-based", which is used ubiquitously by naturopathy for marketing / commerce purposes, is his creation [see 001., below].  And, for quite a while now, I've called that label a deceptive veneer, once you know what is within what is being labeled "science-based" [see 002., below]:

001. so, the expression "Dr. Joseph Pizzorno is one of the world’s leading authorities on science-based natural medicine, a term he coined in 1978" has many hits.  I've pushed some of them into, for safe keeping.  I've video screen captured others, for the growing database.  There's:


2014 archived here.

001.b. the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine:

2014 archived here.

001.c. the 4th edition of the ND Pizzorno co-edited Textbook of Natural Medicine:

001.d. the British Columbia Naturopathic Association:

2013 archived here.

001.e. Integrative Medicine: A Clinician's Journal:

001.f. the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

002. naturopathy is, of course, obligated to the science-exterior NOT science-based ideas, activities, or obligations of:

vitalism, supernaturalism, and things like homeopathy.  Here's that stuff at NCNM, ND Pizzorno's alma mater, and here it is, as licensed falsehood, codified in Oregon '.gov' land.

003. so the obvious question is:

has any other person, and have any other institutions including the State of Oregon, snookered so many people for so long with what is patently false?
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