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A 'Naturopathic Electrodermal' Nonsense Roundup, 2014

here, using and the search term >naturopathic electrodermal<, I see what comes up currently by proponents of this nonsense!

*electrodermal screening, when used as a 'global diagnostic' is considered quite the pseudodiagnostic. Skin impedance can be used to calculate body composition, legitimately.  The extension into 'organs', 'toxins' and the like is pure FANTASY.

001. Blair Watson, "former secretary of the BC Naturopathic Association", states in "Electrodermal Screening" [2013 archived here]:

"many Canadian natural health providers use electrodermal screening (EDS) to gather bioenergy feedback and find energy imbalances that may be symptoms of disease. Some naturopaths also use the devices to test for sensitivities to certain foods and other substances. How effective is electrodermal screening?  Dr. Tom Glew, a naturopath who uses EDS in his Vancouver practice explains, 'electrodermal screening has been developing and evolving for at least 50 years [...] electrodermal screening is a useful adjunctive tool in the hands of a skilled practitioner. It helps determine functional imbalances or disturbances in the health of any patient and often finds the cause of an illness when conventional testing methods are unable to do so.

yeah, right.  Now, at ND Glew's web page, we learn that he is an NCNM graduate [2014 archived here].  And, of course, it is NCNM that teaches that the abjectly science-exterior in fact survives scientific scrutiny.  So, is it not surprising that the ND doing pseudodiagnostics was miseducated? ND Glew uses Prognos EDS [2014 archived here].

 "'the optimal reading for a bioenergy meridian at a given acupuncture point is 50 millivolts (plus or minus 5 mV),' explains Dr. Craig Wagstaff, a Kelowna naturopath. 'The voltage differential (reading) will either be optimal, or it will read above (indicating an overstimulated or yang state) or below (understimulated or yin) [...]"; 

ah, just the perfect mixture of supposed science and medieval Chinese superstition. " This is about posing a figmentation, bioenery or qi, as quantifiable.  What a parlor trick, because all you have to do to change the reading is press harder or softer with the stylus.  ND Wagstaff, now deceased, was a 1982 NCNM graduate.  His ND wife, also an NCNM graduate, Karin, uses Vega EDS. 

002. ND Fjerstad, a Clayton University of Natural Health ND, states in "Electrodermal Screening" [2014 archived here]:

"electrodermal screening (EDS) is an instrument-based method for gathering information about the health and well-being of the body via electrical measurements of the skin along various points of the hands and feet.  This highly effective and revealing method of assessment is a product of time honored ancient Chinese medical principles, and 21st century computer technology. Traditional Chinese medicine learned that a form of bodily energy which they called 'chi,' is generated by internal organs and circulates throughout the entire body, forming pathways near the surface of the skin called 'meridians'  This whole-body network is called “The Meridian System,” and this system carries with it information about internal organs that can be used in diagnosis. Electrodermal sreening is recognized by the FDA as a galvanic skin resistance device and, with its focus on the function of the body’s internal organs, provides a wealth of information about what is affecting the body [...] the procedure has three steps: [1] all the systems of the body such as liver kidneys, lungs, etc., are checked for stress.  A graphic printout shows which organs are doing well and which organs might need nutritional support to improve their natural function. [2] The entire body is then scanned for toxic substances such as chemicals, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, etc.  Toxic substances are often the source of disease or inhibition of natural body function.  Once these are determined and remove the body enjoys a greater state of function and well being. [3] with the information gathered in an electrodermal screening a naturopathic doctor will recommend a natural remedy such as herb, vitamin or homeopathic specific to your health needs";

yeah, that figmentation called chi with its imaginary meridians.  And homeopathy with its imaginary contents and specific effect.

003. ND Berghuis, a Clayton College ND, in "Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS) [2013 archived here]:

"how quickly technology is advancing in the field of medicine, more specifically in the use of energy in medicine. One such advance has been with electrodermal screening (EDS), also known as electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV) [...] this piece of equipment will undoubtedly be as common in medicine as the X-Ray machine. It is truly the wave of the future. The technology is based on the phenomenon that all parts of the body are interrelated and are also energetically linked via meridians [...]"; 
and such magic beans and unicorn tears CERTAINTY. 

004. NDs Jaklin (CCNM 2002) and Peric (CCNM?) in "EDS - Electrodermal Screening [2013 archived here]:

"Koru has been providing mobile EDS services to patients of the Waterdown Clinic since 2002. Electrodermal screening is performed in our office by an experienced technician. The testing procedure is painless, quick and accurate [...]";

ah, a promise of accuracy. 

"during EDS, a blunt, non-invasive electric probe is placed on the patient’s hands or feet at specific points. These points correspond to acupuncture points which are the beginning or end of energy meridians. Energy transfers its signal through an acupuncture meridian to the nervous system. Minute electrical discharges from the acupuncture points are measured and indicate the condition of the body’s organs and systems [...]";

really.  Not. Real.

"research published in the Journal of Naturopathic Medicine concluded that 'electrical conductance data reviewed correspond with histological reports. In clinical practice, EDS instruments are useful as diagnostic supplements to blood test, radiographic imaging, and case histories. The integration of reliable and valid bioelectric medical instruments into the clinical setting augment the ability to rapidly evaluate tissues [...] bioelectric medicine offers clinicians new quantitative methods for evaluating subtle electromagnetic changes in humans.”

I have the entire set of the JNM.

005. ND Lewis and Lewis, both SCNM graduates, state in "Electrodermal Screening and Allergy Desensitization" [2014 archived here]:

"electrodermal screening measures the conductance of electricity through specific acupuncture points located on the hands and feet. EDS uses a computer program and instrumentation to collect information about the functional and energetic status of the patient. This process is non-invasive and highly accurate in identifying the various causes of imbalance in the body [...] because acupuncture points on the hands and feet correspond to other parts of the body, we can explore almost any part of the body just by touching your hand or foot with a sensor that reads energy flow.  Poor conductivity through an acupuncture point can mean the corresponding energy meridian is weakened.  By touching your hands and feet with the sensor, I can non-invasively check the balance of energy flow in your body, and even test your reaction to allergens [...]";

and such nonsense.
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