Friday, July 11, 2014

Changelog 2014-07-11 and ND Video

here, I summarize recent additions to my public naturopathy database. I also link to an ND's video each changelog, quote from, and tag the video in some detail:

[Mission emphasis: I do this continuous exercise to expose the inherent fraud that naturopathy is logically, academically, commercially, legislatively / politically and clinically. Hugely misleading category labels such as "science based" and "evidence based" "nonsectarian" are being placed upon what truly is science-exterior and even more so disproven sectarian / quack nonsense! Then, the largest of betrayals toward the public occurs with highly orchestrated '.gov' endorsements of naturopaths as "licensed" and "professional." Beware, the naturopathic licensed falsehood racket marches on!]

001. added:

the vitalism [science-ejected subset naturopathy] claims of:

the AANMC;

AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine;
University of Turabo;

ND Finnell;

ND Gurm;
to Appendix B.05.i.c.00.;

ND Heath;

NDs McCullough and Nikiforuk;

NDs Myers and Rudd;

ND Nardini;

ND Patel;

ND Rosendaal;

the University of New Hampshire;

ND van Drimmelen;
ND Zampieron;

the 'science subset naturopathy' category claims of:

ND Christodoulakis;

ND Shannon;

ND van Drimmelen;

the 'scientific rejection of vitalism':

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville;

002. video link and commentary:

002.a. Morgan, A. (ND NCNM 1983) [who seems to have found quite the advocate in the 'journalist' who interviews him] states, in a video that is SO PERFECT for this blog, "Are You Skeptical Of Naturopathic Medicine? It IS Science Based!" [vsc 2014-07-11] (also at his own web page):

tags: #NDMorgan #sciencebasedclaim #pseudoskepticism
"[from the video, there's the title] scientifically based naturopathic medicine [] 'there are a lot of skeptics out there [...] what do you say to your skeptics out there who don't really believe that natural medicine is scientific? [...the ND] 'well, it's important to be skeptical and cautious [...] the training for naturopathic physicians is almost identical to medical physicians [...] some of the tools are different, some of the philosophy is different [...] but its all based on good science, both past and current science [...and the ND speaks of bad apples who might do] less scientific testing and less scientifically based treatment." 

ah, an NCNM ND claiming science-based, overall, upon 'the naturopathic'.  Of course, if you go to his alma mater, and his State regulatory board, you find PATENT science-exterior stuff DEFINING naturopathy.  I'll say that again, DEFINING naturopathy!

 002.b. ND Morgan's practice pages:

002.b1. his broad science claim upon 'all things naturopathic', at his portal of commerce:

the ND's biography page, archived in 2013, states:

"he cooperates eagerly with all other branches of medical science."

ah, naturopathy, that "branch" of medical science that isn't even on the tree when it comes to 'the essentially naturopathic' like vitalism, supernaturalism, homeopathy, applied kinesiology and the like.  None of which, by the way, I see at ND Morgan's site.

002.b2. incidentally:

the TV program that the above video is an excerpt from has more video by this ND (see here), where we also get the "branch of science" claim.  

ND Morgan also hosts three videos [2014 archived here] on "saliva testing", which, you'd think, is "science."  But, I have a feeling that the numbers provided by this method are a lot like reading tea leaves.
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