Wednesday, July 16, 2014

via ND Born: the Medieval-Sectarian Origins of His UNDA Biotherapeutic Drainage Panaceas

here, I briefly cite from and comment upon a Bastyr ND's web page that claims 'huge benefit' by treating toxins with homeopathic-anthropocentric-alchemic-TCM derived "UNDA numbers":

001. Born, T.A. (ND Bastyr 2010) writes in the 2014 archived "Safe & Effective Ways to 'Spring' into Detoxification":

"biotherapeutic drainage: this a process of detoxifying the body by opening the emunctories [...] and then excreting the toxic accumulations [...] biotherapeutic drainage works extracellularly and intracellularly, restoring optimal cellular function [...]";

really!  Really?  Emunctories?

"biotherapeutic drainage is a method of medicine that cleanses, purifies, corrects function and optimizes all cells, tissues and organs in the body, including the brain and central nervous system using medicines called UNDA numbers [...] UNDA numbers actually work not only by removing toxins from outside and inside of cells, but restore enzymatic and biochemical pathways to their optimal functioning [...]";

these sound like physiological claims!  

"these are carefully constructed homeopathic combinations of low potency botanical medicines and metals that are organ specific. They were formulated using anthroposophical principles, metallurgy knowledge (alchemy), and the principles of Chinese medicine and homeopathy [...]";

ah, the fusion of woos! THAT is quite a pedigree!  A pedigree of sectarian and medieval kind.

"I have been utilizing biotherapeutic drainage in my practice and have seen unparalleled results. 'Detoxing' via other methods, although helpful, is far more superficial and temporary. This system of medicine can correct and optimize any organ or system in the body [...]";

that is QUITE the panacea.  ND Born also does craniosacral.  And, both detoxification regimes and craniosacral therapy are QUITE SUSPECT.
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