Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Now Available: The Naturocrit Pamphlet 01 on Kindle at Amazon!

here's some news:

So, I've published "Naturocrit Pamphlet 001: AANMC Naturopathy Schools' "Science-Based" Claim and Actual Science-Exterior Vitalism Basis."  Available here as a Kindle $3 ditty.

By way of the description:

"Having studied naturopathy for roughly 20 years, in this pamphlet I point out AANMC schools' irrationality of labeling naturopathy as 'science-based' while truly the essentially naturopathic is science-exterior."

The citations I use, that roughly cover about 14 years, are footnoted, and the source documents are at Archive.org.

I intend to continue this as "The Naturocrit Pamphlets" series, on, of course, an irregular basis.

Kindle formatting is quite unpredictable, but I think this isn't so bad for a first try. 
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