Thursday, August 28, 2014

US News & World Report Promotes Prescientific Medieval Prana Dietary Advice

here, I briefly cite from and comment upon someone's scatololia regarding 'what to eat':

001. in "Why You Should Consider a High Prana Diet" (archived here 2014) Kristine Crane writes [my comments are in unquoted bold]:

"choose foods by their life force, and you may look and feel better [...]";

thanks, Kristine.  Except, a prescientific "life force" is a figmentation that does not exist.  And, obviously, prana is synonymous with "life force".

002. the prana phrases the author uses:

"ever heard the word prana? The Sanskrit word for energy or life force, prana is the underlying concept behind whole foods, raw foods and anything organic [...]";

ah, the bullshit pseudoscientific use of the term energy.  I think we can see the orthorhexic bent of this ideology.

"[holistic] nutritionists say that if you eat a high prana diet, you will naturally get the weight-loss and nutritional benefits touted by other diets [...and she speaks of] foods’ prana index [...] prana is a less quantifiable measure than, say, calories [...]";

sure, sure. Since holistic people claim that the supernatural is within science, good luck with that IMAGINARY index. how did an index get created if it was not quantifiable?  I think something vital, not to pun too strongly, is being admitted here.
"eating foods with high prana is not a 'diet' in the traditional sense, but a 'lens' through which to look at food altogether [...]';

or should we say, a sectarian ideology that science has discarded.
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