Saturday, September 27, 2014

NMD Petke Questions What's "Really", then Recommends Homeopathy, Reiki, CST, Polarity, UNDA ect. Really!

here, I cite from a recent article about differentiating what's real from what is not -- by way of "really" -- which then advises the use of fake remedies aka homeopathy [see 001., below]; then, I visit that naturopath's practice pages [see 002., below]:

001. NMD Petke, R. (ND SCNM) states in "Is It Really ADHD?":

"it becomes the job of the naturopathic physician to figure out what is really going on and how to effectively treat the child [...]";


"natural remedies for true ADHD [...include] homeopathy [which] can be effective [...]";

so, empty pills are effective?  Fake remedies for a true disorder.

002. at his practice pages, NMD Petke states:

002.a. in "Policies and Informed Consent" [archived here 2014]:

"the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment by a naturopathic physician at All Ways Health, PLLC, may include, but is not limited to [...] the nosode remedies of the homeopathic prophylaxis (homeoprophylaxis) program [...]";

what's that, you ask?  Well, prophylaxis is prevention.  So, homeopathic prevention remedies.  That's scary.  Is this a homeopathic vaccination thing?  Well, it doesn't say.  Sounds similar, though. Shouldn't we be correctly informed that such DOESN'T WORK?  So much for informed consent.

"[you'll also be treated with]
general 'energy' modalities including reiki, healing touch, polarity therapy, and cranio-sacral therapy [...]";

because if you are into homeopathic junk, you'll be in to other junk as well. Such as:

002.b. in "Dr. Rich's Modalities" [archived here 2014]:

 "the standard medical skills taught in naturopathic medical school [...include] homeopathy [...] below are the modalities he currently uses in his medical practice when indicated [...] craniosacral therapy [...] the modality works to gently re-align the bones of the skull and sacrum to relieve stress and the illnesses resulting from these misalignments [...] Dr. Rich is trained in the Sutherland-Sills methodology of CST [...] healing touch [...] this wonderful and gentle modality evolved out of the nursing profession.  The modality is a collection of techniques for fortifying and harmonizing the body's innate energy fields to help elevate illness, speed recovery, and maintain health [...] matrix energetics [...] a powerful modality put together by Richard Bartlett, DC, ND, that looks at health and healing from the perspective of quantum mechanics and time-space-matter physics [really!!!...] pleomorphic therapy [...] first developed in 1944 as a system to modulate human functional biology, the remedies change the 'milieu' (the biological environment of a human body) and thus the pleomorphic behavior of microscopic symbionts and parasites [...] polarity therapy [...] developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, ND, DC, DO in the 1930's and 40's, this modality focuses on the 'wireless anatomy of man' - the subtle energy field of the human body that is responsible for moving the nutrients to the cells of the body and the wastes away from the cells.  Dr. Rich completed over 700 hours of training in this modality [...] reiki is an energeticly [sp.] based healing modality from Japan [...] the power of the modality has proven itself  [...] Dr. Rich is a Reiki 'master' [...] Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki / SKHM.  An Egyptian form of reiki rediscovered by Patrick Zeigler in 1979 [...] unda numbered remedies.  The UNDA remedies are carefully constructed combinations of low potency homeopathic remedies [...] vibrational therapy.  Dr. Rich has studied the use of sound and vibration (generated by tuning forks) with John Beaulieu, ND, PhD.  Humans are alive with a complex network of oscillations and rhythms which, like any string based musical instrument, can get out-of-tune.  Re-tuning a person's intrinsic vibrations (as expressed by their biochemistry) leads to achieving optimal physical balance as expressed through one's nervous system, muscle tone, and organ functions.  The retuning experience [...]";

which makes me wonder if to be naturopathic means to be out of your mind.

003. and:

this is the guy asking us to think about what is "really".  Really!!!
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