Thursday, October 16, 2014

'ND' Robert Lindsey Duncan Charged by Texas AG [I'll add sources as this develops]

here, some developments in prosecuting 'unlicensed falsehood' aka 'Clayton naturopathy'!

 001. reports in "Attorney General Abbott Charges Austin-based 'Naturopathic Doctor' with Deceiving the Public, Violating Texas Law" (2014-10-16):

"Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott today charged Austin resident Robert Lindsey Duncan with unlawfully referring to himself as a naturopathic doctor in order to market and sell various nutritional products. Appearing on numerous nationally-broadcast television programs to promote vitamins, herbs and related health products, the defendant falsely refers to himself as 'Dr. Duncan,' 'Doctor' or 'ND' – despite not having the legal authority to make such representations. Texas law does not recognize naturopathic doctors [...]"; 

so, Texas has yet to join the licensed falsehood bandwagon, like Oregon's huge legislated falsehood.

002.  here's where the AG tells us RLD is a Clayton College of Natural Health graduate:

and isn't it fascinating, a Clayton naturopath has their education based on the same nonsense as an AANMC naturopath.  Yet, the latter is legally protected falsehood while the former is not!

003. here's the lawsuit.

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