Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Sydney Morning Herald: Naturopathy and Its Components Are Pseudoscience!

here, I briefly quote from a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia:

001. in "Taxpayers to Fund Teaching of 'Pseudo-Science'" (2015-01-11), Matthew Knott reports:

"profit-making colleges would receive taxpayer funding to teach students unproven alternative remedies such as homeopathy, flower essence therapy and iridology [...] accredited private colleges would become eligible for grants of $6323 a year for each student enrolled in courses such as homeopathy, naturopathy and mind body medicine [...]";

'unproven' is rather a KIND word to use, IMHO.

"the Australasian College of Natural Therapies, for example, would be eligible for subsidies for its Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), which teaches students homeopathy, iridology and Bach flower therapy [...]";

and there you go, HUGE PSEUDOSCIENCE. Crazy.

"Emeritus Professor of Medicine at the University of NSW John Dwyer said [...] it would be 'absolutely unacceptable' to give taxpayer money to such colleges [...] who is also president of Friends of Science in Medicine, said. 'It should de-accredit colleges teaching homeopathy and other pseudo-scientific treatments as if they are credible health options for Australians' [...e.g.] a major study released last year by the National Health and Medical Research Council found no compelling evidence that homeopathy, which uses highly diluted substances to treat symptoms, is effective [...] multiple studies have had found iridology [...] to be no more effective than a placebo [...]";

hear, hear.
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