Thursday, February 5, 2015

ND Edwards Accused of Unprofessional Conduct in Washington State

here, a briefly quote from a recent development in Washington State:

001. the Columbian's Marissa Harshman reports in "Vancouver Naturopath Facing Unprofessional Conduct Charges" (2015-02-04):

"a Vancouver naturopath has been charged with unprofessional conduct for allegedly failing to meet the standard of care in issuing multiple medical marijuana authorizations [...] the Naturopathy Board alleges Edwards' evaluations did not meet the standard of care and the requirements for legitimate medical marijuana authorizations under state law [...and] Edwards allegedly 'aided and abetted the unlicensed practice of medicine' [...]";

serious stuff.   Since the Washington State naturopathy 'self-regulating board' allows SO MUCH to be done outside of standard of care by naturopathy, you have to wonder how much EXTERNAL pressure it took before they were dragged kicking and screaming to issue this accusation.

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