Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ontario Naturopaths' Fake Vaccines and Unscientific View of Vaccination - Globe and Mail 2015-02

here, I cite from recent reporting about Ontario, Canada naturopaths (and others) who UNDERMINE rational, safe, and effective public health communicable disease policy: 

001. Carly Weeks reports in "Health Experts Question Lack of Crackdown on ‘Homeopathic Vaccines’" (2015-02-17; my comments are in unquoted bold):

"an outbreak of measles in Ontario prompted the provincial and federal health ministers last week to call parents of unvaccinated children irresponsible. But some public health experts are questioning why governments and regulatory bodies are standing back as some licensed health professionals sell ineffective homeopathic 'vaccines' and promote anti-vaccine views to patients [...]";

hear, hear.  One reason, I venture, is that these OTHER kinds of "licensed health" so-called professionals are self-regulating.  That's what you get, Ontario, for letting them live in their own Cloud Cukooland.

 "the [Canadian] federal government has approved for sale dozens of nosodes [...what] homeopaths and naturopaths often call 'homeopathic vaccines' [...] some licensed naturopaths and chiropractors in Canada also promote unscientific views about the dangers of traditional vaccines and incorrectly link them to autism, allergies and other health problems [...]";

true dat.  In naturopathy school, they called it vaccinosis.

"for instance, the Naturopathic and Medispa Clinic in Markham, Ont., says on its website that the 'measles-mumps-rubella or MMR vaccine has been strongly linked to the onset of autism' [...]";

and that's just PLAIN WRONG.  But naturopaths are wrong about so many things.

"the president of the Canadian Pediatric Society called the lack of action from governments and regulatory bodies on this issue a flagrant double standard. 'The government holds doctors and the pharmaceutical professions to a much higher standard than [chiropractors and naturopaths],' Robert Moriarty said [...]";

that's what you get when you let sectarian medicines have their way. 

"'when these professions are regulated by the government, it creates a veneer of legitimacy' [...]  says Timothy Caulfield, Canada Research Chair in health law and policy at the University of Alberta’s School of Public Health [...]";

I agree.  But stop calling them PROFESSIONS!  They are sectarian belief systems!

"in many provinces, naturopaths are regulated, and prevented by legislation from promoting false or misleading information [...]";

and yet, all the while, NATUROPATHY is essentially based upon such.

"in Ontario, naturopaths are regulated by the Board of Directors of Drugless Therapy – Naturopathy, and, under provincial rules, are guilty of professional misconduct if they advertise false or misleading statements about treatments [...]";

well, I did a whole multi-part Podcast series on Ontario naturopathy irrationality and they're all still fine and dandy.
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