Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Robyn Urback at the National Post: Homeopathy's Make-Believe Vaccines

here, a snippet and some comments on a recent article at the National Post on homeopathy figmentation:

001. Ms. Urback writes in "Robyn Urback: Why is Health Canada Still Approving Make-believe ‘Homeopathic Vaccines’?" [2015-02-18; my comments are in unquoted bold]:

"the homeopathic vaccines that are currently approved for sale by Health Canada [...are] also known as 'nosodes' [...and] Little Mountain Homeopathy in Vancouver [...] claims on its website that homeopathic vaccines are 'are just as effective or even more effective than regular vaccines' [...but] there are decades worth of medical literature that would dispute that statement, but Little Mountain can keep selling its magic pills anyway, just as long as it keeps the disclaimer sticker on the label [...this is] Health Canada’s blind sanction of homeopathic vaccines [...]";

hear, hear.

"homeopathic vaccines only feeds the illusion that there is something inherently wrong with conventional, scientifically backed vaccines [...] sugar and imagination cannot prevent measles or polio or meningitis, though that is essentially what homeopathic vaccines claim to do. Health Canada should stop lending them its credibility."

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