Sunday, February 1, 2015

Simon Singh v. Santa Cruz Naturopathic Medical Center

here, I compare the opinion of three NDs in California [see 001., below] with that of Simon Singh in India [see 002., below] regarding homeopathy:

001. Fleck-D'Andrea, T. (ND SCNM), Kelchner, A. (ND NCNM 2003), Rozelle, R. (ND SCNM) -- the NDs of Santa Cruz Naturopathic Medical Center -- state, in "What is Homeopathy?" (2015 archived; my comments are in unquoted bold):

"many Californians mistakenly use the terms 'homeopathy' and 'naturopathy' as one in the same [...though] homeopathy is its own specific system of medicine [...] naturopathic doctors receive homeopathic training as part of their medical school program [...therefore] many naturopathic doctors are also homeopaths [...]";

confirmed.  Naturopaths are actually VERY BIG proponents of homeopathy.  For instance, the AANP states in "Zicam is Not Homeopathy" that homeopathy is a "medicinal science."  Now, that scientific status is FALSE.  But, keep in mind, it is the AANP who states that their kind of supernaturalism, "spiritual development", is "science-based" too.  So, let the buyer be very beware.

"what is homeopathy then?  Most Americans have grown up with the conventional medical paradigm; learning to suppress symptoms as a means to 'cure' [...] for example, when you have pain you take an aspirin to stop feeling the pain, or if you have a cough you take a cough suppressant, or suppress a fever with Tylenol. The symptoms may disappear and you may feel better, but these medicines do not cure [...]";

so, THERE is the huge WEIRD accusation / straw-man argument that regular medicine, MD medicine, is DUNDERHEADED WRONG.  Now, NDs as I've said claim homeopathy and supernaturalism is SCIENCE, which is wrong.  So, are their observations and pronouncements trustworthy?  Unlikely...

"[but] as naturopathic doctors, we understand [...]";

hmmmmmm.  The same way you understand something without scientific support, science-ejected, or unscienceable is supposedly "science"?

"homeopathy [...] has been again growing in popularity as people acknowledge its ability to restore health and often cure the incurable [...]";

miraculous EMPTY remedies. 

"homeopathic medicines are extremely safe and effective [...] powerful homeopathy [...] this powerful medicine is also extremely cost effective [...] homeopathy can be effective in treating most acute conditions [...] the common cold, the flu and ear infections [...] ADHD, autism, irritable bowel, crohns, ulcerative colitis, eczema, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and other auto-immune conditions [...] mental emotional disturbances such as depression, anxiety, and bi-polar disorder [...]"; 

this is quite the false product they are selling. 

"today, homeopathy is practiced around the world [...]";

let's then go to India.

002. meanwhile, Simon Singh -- Most Excellent Order of the British Empire! -- writes in "Homeopathy is Pure Bunkum and Let Nobody (Not Even Modi) Tell You Otherwise" (2015-02-01):

"whenever I return to India, I am always unpleasantly surprised at the popularity of homeopathy [...] this quackery [...] this pseudoscience [...] these pointless pills [...] the biggest joke in medicine [...] the overwhelming majority of real doctors think homeopathy is pseudoscience [...] what makes me so sure that homeopathy is bunkum? [...] the ultimate factor in deciding whether or not homeopathy works is putting it to the scientific test [...] after 200 years and after more than 200 clinical trials, there is no good evidence that homeopathy works for any condition whatsoever";

enough said!
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