Tuesday, March 31, 2015

AzNMA Musters the Troops to DEFEND Homeopathy Absurdity

here, a few thoughts on the naturopaths in Arizona getting together to defend the indefensible, 'homeopathy as a legitimate therapy':

001. a 2015-03-30 Facebook post by AzNMA, the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association, states:

"FDA hearings on homeopathic medicine."

002. it links to "FDA Hearing on Homeopathic Medicine April 20-21 Washington, DC" [vsc 2015-03-31; my comments are in unquoted bold] which states:

"homeopathy has come under attack by the FDA. The AzNMA is working closely with the AHIMA to provide up to date information on the FDA hearing in Washington, DC April 20-21 [...] slight changes in regulations demanding hard science could create an environment where manufacturers won't be able to supply even the simplest of homeopathics for our patients." 

wow.  Let's plea for homeopathy by fighting against the presence of "science" to justify homeopathy's claims and usage.  Pretty disgusting.  And there are the Arizona naturopathy's trying to save their unfairly privileged bogus therapy.

 Note: AzNMA tells us on that page: "we serve our members and the public through education, legislative lobbying and the promotion of naturopathic medicine in Arizona.  We work to sustain the viability of the profession in order to provide quality naturopathic medical care not only for today, but for future generations [...] to ensure the growth of naturopathic medicine."

but, of course, how can you be a profession if you are based on falsehood, like using homeopathy, the sugar-pill system?  How is the public served when naturopaths are reiterating the bad education?  After all, it is the naturopathic school in Arizona that FALSELY claims homeopathy works.  On the SCNM Medical Center homepage, they state: "homeopathy has been found effective in treating conditions as complex as rheumatoid arthritis and as simple as common rashes."  This is not true, if scientific standards are maintained.

003. I must not too that AzNMA's corporate partners include homeopathy companies.
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