Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Toxin Bogeyman: ND Powell Colorado Mountain College Edition

here, I cite from an article and a College page that claims we are toxic through and through and need detoxed [see 001. and 002. below]; then, I visit the ND's web pages [see 003., below]:

001. at, in "Community Briefs" [vsc 2015-03-22], we're told:

"Carbondale naturopath takes a look into your cupboards.  Naturopathic doctor Jody Powell offers a Healthy Living workshop series at Colorado Mountain College in Carbondale. The workshops will examine how to evaluate the toxicity of common, everyday household products, their potential health risks and how to replace them [...]  in Healthy Home, Powell will look at what chemicals are in everything from pillows to air fresheners [...]";

let's think: I don't think it's in the interest of most makers of these products to have their products "toxic."  I just don't see it as reasonable to think that is "common", that such liability is so pervasive.

"Dr. Powell received her post-graduate medical degree in naturopathic medicine from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. Along with training in conventional western medical treatments, she has extensive education in the many modalities of alternative medicine, including herbal medicine, nutrition, classical homeopathy and many others [...]";

and it is NCNM that states that homeopathy is "powerful" when science says that claim is BOGUS.

  "she has a local private practice serving the communities of the Roaring Fork Valley [...] advance registration is required. For more information, call the CMC Lappala Center at 963-2172 or visit [...]";

so let's go there.  And then to the ND's practice pages.

002. the Colorado Mountain College page "Healthy Living Series" [vsc 2015-03-22] states:

"are the chemicals in your shampoo making you fat? Can the components of your couch make your baby sick? How can a scented candle put you at risk for cancer? We are surrounded by chemicals in our everyday environments. Learn how to avoid and rid your body of many of these environmental toxins with naturopathic doctor Jody Powell’s Healthy Living Series. Join us each Tuesday for a new, eye-opening discussion on how we can keep our bodies naturally balanced and detoxified."


003. ND Powell's web pages:

003.a. her bio page tells us she's an NCNM graduate.

003.b. the page "Tools of Naturopathic Medicine" tells us:

"[she uses] homeopathy [...] energetic medicine  [and] detoxification";

well, this isn't the energy of science, because below energy is used to describe homeopathy, which is science-exterior.

003.c. in "Classical Homeopathy" we're told:

"classical homeopathy is a tool with the power to bring about dramatic shifts in mental, emotional and physical health when carefully and properly used.  It is a gentle, energetic form of medicine [...] a gifted homeopath uses the science of information on these remedies paired with the art of listening to the story of her patient and chooses a remedy which best matches the current state of the patient.  When an appropriate remedy is found, long standing physical ailments, emotional states, and mental health challenges have been resolved [...]";

so, that's a science claim upon the utterly science ejected. 

003.d. in "What is a Naturopathic Doctor?" we're told:

"a naturopathic doctor is a health care professional [...] the profession of naturopathic medicine is very broad [...]";

ah, a profession claim.  But who has ever heard of a profession based on falsehood?

"a Naturopathic Doctor has an extensive education in western herbal medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic type bone manipulation, IV therapy, flower remedies, massage, physical therapy, counseling, nutrition and many others [...]";

the homeo., the homeo.  The falsehood, the falsehood.

"the philosophy of naturopathic medicine [...] there are 6 principles which tie together the broad range of practices of naturopathic medicine [...#1] vis medicatrix naturae: trust the healing power of nature, the body has inherent wisdom of how to heal itself [...] address issues of toxicity [...]";

the toxin bogeyman, again.  And coded vitalism, from an NCNM graduate.

004. and here's an afterthought, what you may find from more scientifically rigorous sources: 

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