Thursday, April 23, 2015, Alan Levinovitz on Dr. Oz, Naturopathy, Quackademic Medicine

here, some snippets from a piece mentioning naturopathy:

001. at, Alan Levinovitz writes, in "Dr. Oz and the Pathology of 'Open-Mindedness'" (2015-04-23):

"today, millions watched as Dr. Oz defended himself against critics on his show [...] why call for Dr. Oz’s dismissal, when many medical schools and hospitals endorse the most outlandish of his claims? [...] a vocal minority of physicians and scientists have long claimed that Dr. Oz is a symptom, not the problem [...e.g.] Yale neurologist Steven Novella and Wayne State University surgical oncologist David Gorski [...] refer to the problem as 'quackademic medicine' [...] they emphasize that Dr. Oz and universities alike endanger public health by legitimating alternative medical traditions such as naturopathy and chiropractic [...]";

hear, hear.
"the New York University medical ethicist Arthur Caplan expresses concern that naturopaths — who practice an unstandardized mix of therapies including traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, craniosacral therapy, iridology, and reiki — routinely grant vaccine exemptions, and are licensed to do so in 17 states [...]";

true enough.  What's even more interesting is that NYU has naturopaths working there.
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