Saturday, June 27, 2015

Changelog 2015-06-27 and ND Video

here, I summarize recent additions to my public naturopathy database.  I also link to an ND's video each changelog, quote from, and tag the video in some detail:

[Mission emphasis: I do this continuous exercise to expose the inherent fraud that naturopathy is logically, academically, commercially, legislatively / politically and clinically.  Hugely misleading category labels such as "science based" and "evidence based" "nonsectarian" are being placed upon what truly is science-exterior and even more so disproven sectarian / quack nonsense!  Then, the largest of betrayals toward the public occurs with highly orchestrated '.gov' endorsements of naturopaths as "licensed" and "professional."  Beware, the naturopathic licensed falsehood racket marches on!]

001. added:

the vitalism [science-ejected subset naturopathy] claims of:

ND Davis;
NDs  Dennis and Myer;
ND Falkowski;
ND Figoski;
NDs Fleck-D'Andrea, Kelchner, Rozelle;

the 'science subset naturopathy' category claims of:

ND Graham;
to Appendix I.05.f.;

NDs Galic, Gustin;
NDs German, Mazi, Valencia;
NDs Gray, Kass, McDaniel;
ND Gurm;
to Appendix I.05.f.;

at the Seattle Post Intelligencer's
by ND Culver;

on Naturopathic Diaries post 2015-06-15 post
by 'former ND' Hermes;

at the Sacramento Bee in 
the 2015-06-15 article

002. video link and commentary:

002.a. there's UB's "University of Bridgeport Health Sciences Spotlight - Dr. David Brady" [vsc 2015-06-10] which states:

[#universityofbridgeport #pseudoscience #NDBrady]
"[description] The University’s professionally accredited health sciences programs are housed in the Fones School of Dental Hygiene, the College of Chiropractic, the College of Naturopathic Medicine, the Acupuncture Institute, the Physician Assistant Institute and the Nutrition Institute. Each offers clinics and resources to the public. The degree programs, which range from associate and baccalaureate programs in Dental Hygiene to doctoral programs in Chiropractic (D.C.) and Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.), offer state-of-the-art curricula and significant clinical experiences. The members of the faculty include skilled instructors with backgrounds in the biomedical and clinical sciences."

that's a 'doctoral-level science subset naturopathy [with its homeopathy and kind]' claim.  CT academic falsehood marches on, without penalty.
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