Saturday, June 13, 2015

Naturopathy's Wi-Fi Boogeyman: NDs Clegg and Masri

here, fearmongering!

001. NDs Clegg and Masri tell us in "3 Hidden Environmental Toxins in Your Home" (2015-06-12):

"[, by way of sponsored content] naturopathic doctors, Denise and Ashley are finding that their patients are affected by many environmental exposures throughout the home. At Abaton Integrative Medicine they are measuring various chemicals within their patients that are showing interesting results. This article outlines three significant exposures that are affecting the health of their patients [...]":

so there's your typical 'naturopathic chemical toxins' scare.

"where is your wireless router? Wireless technology [...] we need to recognize that these devices do emit electromagnetic frequencies that have been shown to penetrate our bodies, especially the bodies of children [...] in children, increased wireless use is strongly correlated to an increased incidence in acoustic neuromas and gliomas [...]  turn off your wireless router while you and your family are sleeping [...]";

correlation is not causation. But, that doesn't matter in naturopathyland, where things are conflated instead of analyzed, 'right' before they've been objectively supported.  This is an AD placed by the NDs, by the way.  And they're causing a fake problem they have a solution for, which is often termed racketeering.
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