Friday, June 5, 2015

The Vitalism of Paxton's 2015 "Foundations of Naturopathic Nutrition" (ISBN 1742370403 9781742370408)

here, a brief citation concerning the figmentation at the heart of 'the essentially naturopathic':

001. in Fay Paxton's "Foundations of Naturopathic Nutrition: A Comprehensive Guide to Essential Nutrients and Nutritional Bioactives" [at Amazon, the book is B00T5HODAM; here's the publisher's page], we're told:

"the principles of naturopathy are based on the twin concepts of boosting the body's natural vital force and removing any blockages or inhibiting factors: the body has an innate healing power [...] an innate ability to balance and heal itself (vital force) [...] treatments should work with the body's natural vital force [...] naturopaths use treatments that help to balance and optimize body functions and support and enhance the vital force."

yes, in this year 2015, a brand new book with a hugely science-ejected premise.
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