Friday, July 10, 2015

9News Australia Video Report on Naturopath Bodnar's Arrest

here, video news reporting from Australia regarding naturopath Bodnar's arrest for child endangerment:

001. we're told in "Sydney Naturopath Charged After Treatment Leaves Baby Allegedly Malnourished and 'Close to Death" [vsc ]

"[from the description] a Sydney naturopath has been arrested over the alleged mistreatment of an eight-month-old baby, after she advised a mother against giving her child traditional [...] Sydney naturopath charged after treatment leaves baby allegedly malnourished and 'close to death";

"[from the video] a [Sydney] naturopath [...] is tonight accused of putting a baby boy's life in danger thanks to her alternative medical treatments [...for his] eczema [...and ended up] close to death [...his mother was told to] stop medical and dermatological treatment [...and] cut certain foods out of his diet";

"Bodnar's website says she is an experienced naturopath [...]";
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