Sunday, July 12, 2015

Australia Call to Register FALSEHOOD, aka Naturopathy [do your homework, Australia]

here, a video I came across today and a comment I left upon it at Youtube:

001. in ARONAH video "A Call To Action on Naturopathic Registration in Australia" (2015-07-12)

002. my comment:

"From the author of the Naturocrit Podcast and Blog: Why is it that Dr. Steel has no credentials presented in the titles of this interview?  At her clinical practice at "Herbs on the Hill" her bio. tells us she has a "BHSc (Naturopathy)", a PhD, and a Grad. Cert. Ed. (higher ed). 

And then, we hear in the piece her speak of:

"the profession [...its] education standards and practice standards [...its] four-year bachelor program qualifications [ naturopaths] are committed to quality care."

Now, when I look up that BHSc (Naturopathy), that is a science subset naturopathy claim, at a school such as Endeavor College of Natural Health, in a FAQ brochure PDF, we're told naturopathy includes homeopathy and iridology while stating:

"Endeavour College of Natural Health offers a four-year Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy degree that provides a comprehensive theoretical foundation in biomedical and clinical sciences as is standard in most health science degrees."

If you are not keeping score, here's a reminder, Australia's National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) just hugely rubbished homeopathy and iridology is nonsense.

As a medical educator, I have to ask:

a) when will all this falsehood be pursued for what it is?

b) HOW does naturopathy get away with all this?

And I'm thinking that the standards of Public Health, Steel's PhD credential, and Higher Education, Steel's other post-Bachelor's credential, BELIE these naturopathy absurdities.

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