Friday, July 24, 2015

Australia's Channel 10 The Project's Piece on Naturopathy: "People With Fake Educations" Irony Galore!

here, HUGE irony from Australian naturopath Wardle:

001. ARONAH's channel hosts the Channel 10 "The Project" video "Naturopathy on The Project" ():

"[a female narrator states] there's good scientific evidence that some aspects of naturopathy like diet and exercise [work...]"; 

but, those f'n things are NOT inherent to naturopathy.   Do some simple homework.  They exist as stand-alone legitimate sciences.  What about the INHERENTLY naturopathic?

"[she goes on] but there's no evidence to support other natural therapies including iridology and homeopathy [...]";

I agree that those are junk.  But, iridology isn't a therapy, it's a diagnostic.  Do some simple homework.

"[one male host] John Wardle is an accredited naturopath.  He's been calling for title regulation [...who says] 'the current training the the university sector, the degree granting sector is four years and I think this is pretty-much a well-established minimum' [...another male host asks] a lot of things that fall under the heading of naturopathy, lets be honest, are rubbish, aren't they? ' [...he answers] 'well, yeah [...and he mentions] people with fake educations [...] it's become a bit of a dumping ground for anything that's alternative [...] the black market of naturopathy' [...]";

oh, and the irony meter breaks!  The huge absurdity is that within those accredited "university" degrees in Australia is STILL rubbish, like homeopathy and iridology, FALSELY categorized within a "bachelor of health science naturopathy".  I can't think of an education that is more FAKE, John.  Regulation will end up being the protection of nonsense and a form of abetting fraud.
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