Tuesday, July 14, 2015

dailytelegraph.com.au - "Naturopaths Are Quacks"

here, more on the Sydney Bodnar thing:

001. at dailytelegraph.com.au, we're told in "Claire Harvey: Don’t Duck the Law by Sending Kids to Quacks" (2015-07-14):

"if you take your child to a naturopath, there’s something wrong with you.I mean, something really wrong [...] because — well, let’s be honest. Naturopaths are quacks. So are chiropractors, traditional Chinese herbalists, iridologists, palm-readers, homeopaths, Bowen therapists and reiki practitioners. Quack, quack, quack [...]";

hear, hear.

 "they might spin a story about being 'holistic'. They might say they’re drawing on millennia of ancient knowledge. But the truth is they’re just anti-medicine.  Anti-knowledge [...] you name it, they’re against it. And if you fall for their nonsense, I think you ­deserve exactly what you get.  That is, nothing.  Nothing of any benefit to your health or 'well being' [...]";


"a Sydney naturopath, Marilyn Bodnar, is up on charges of recklessly causing grievous bodily harm to a baby boy, and aiding and abetting his mother in failing to provide for the child, causing a danger of death. His mother was charged with failing to provide for her child, putting him in danger of death, and recklessly causing grievous bodily harm [...]":

very unfortunate.

"now you know: refusing real medical treatment in favor of bogus 'therapy' for your innocent child is a criminal offenseIt’s hard to believe Australian universities offer tertiary qualifications in everything from naturopathy (Southern Cross University) to herbal medicine (University of New England) and traditional Chinese medicine (University of Technology, Sydney) [...]";

yes, it is.
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