Saturday, July 25, 2015

ND Wilson on Stress - News 12 Long Island

here, a link to a youtube video of ND Wilson, who, honestly, doesn't come off as all that sharp, and claims at her practice that homeopathy is a part of what is "science-based" and "effective":

001. in "Dr. Doni Wilson on News Channel 12 Long Island July 2015":

"[host] well if you can't sleep at night because of everyday stress [...] from the author of 'The Stress Remedy' [...] Dr. Doni Wilson, N.D. [...and of course we're shown supplements to buy]";

so I interpret the ND's business model as this 'I treat stress' product, I am an expert.

002. the absurdity at her practice:

on the page "Frequently Asked Questions" she tells us naturopathy is "science-based natural medicine [...yet writes of] homeopathic treatments [ an] effective use of natural medicines."

oh, not too sharp.  Why should anyone listen to someone who thinks empty pills are science-based and effective, in terms of their 'expertise'?
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