Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Science Denialism: ND Way (SCNM) Says Homeopathy "Works Well" This 2015-07

here, the absurdity and science-denialism of claiming naturopathy's homeopathy "works" this 2015-07, by way of ND Way:

001. in the Youtube video "Naturopathic Medicine and How Hormones Affect Your Health with Dr. Jason Way, N.D." (2015-07), ND Way tells us:

"naturopathic medical school [...] the first couple of years are very similar to [...] a medical degree [...including] all the basic sciences [...and] pharmacology [...] a more natural, holistic perspective [...not just] managing symptoms [...but getting to the] underlying cause [...] homeopathy [...] there's little to no medicine in there [...at about 00.05.27] it works, it works well [...] it's something I often use [...] I have done quite a bit of research on it and around it to show that the response to homeopathy is greater than a placebo effect [...and he speaks of] toxins [...] these chemical toxins [...and] detox"; 

this claim of 'homeopathy efficacy' is NOT true, scientifically speaking.  To claim otherwise, in my view, is science-denialism.  We often see this with ARTICLES OF FAITH.
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