Friday, August 28, 2015

Friends of Science in Medicine 2015: Integrative Medicine "Academic Prostitution" Does NOT Belong in Universities

here, some refreshing language from Down Under ["where women glow and men thunder"]:

001. at, we're told in "'Integrative Medicine' Has No Place in Universities":

"[presumably authored by] Loretta Marron [...] Chief Executive Officer of Friends of Science in Medicine [...and] three-time winner of Australian Skeptics’ Skeptic of the Year award [...and]  a recipient of an Order of Australia Medal 'for service to community health' in 2014 [...] universities accept that they face long-term sustainability problems [...] chiropractic, osteopathy, naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine associations target debt-ridden universities that do not have medical faculties. These pseudoscience-based courses are run by academics, many with inferior qualifications and vested interests in the promotion of AltMed [...]";

I LIKE where this is going.

"while arguing that their courses are based on bioscience, they include unscientific interventions and deliberately avoid undertaking credible research that could challenge their belief systems [...]";

and the nail gets hit squarely on the head.  Take naturopathy, for instance: insisting that science includes supernaturalism and the hugely science-ejected, and their amount of experimental evidence?  Nothing.   They have forgotten that science comes about by a methodology, not a decree.

"with public opinion turning against them, the AltMed industry is fighting back [...] they are moving into our most prestigious universities to introduce medical and pharmacy students
to 'integrative medicine' [...] referring to it as a holistic approach to patient care [...] integrative medicine also includes a wide range of implausible interventions including homeopathy, naturopathic medicine, reflexology and energy therapies [...]":

roger that.

"the recent National Health & Medical Research Council review into a range of 'natural' therapies failed to find any evidence from systematic reviews that any of them worked [...]";

hear, hear.

"Australians will not thank universities for teaching pseudoscience, which will only degrade health care and waste taxpayer’s dollars. Courses that include pseudoscience also harm universities by devaluing bioscience. It is nothing less than academic prostitution – and should be recognized for what it is [...]":

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