Friday, August 7, 2015

Princeton Review Tells Us ND Schools' Current Tuition Aggregates

here, with help from a page, I do some math concerning the naturopathy education racket aka "The Education Robbers":

001. on the web page "Naturopathy / Naturopathic Medicine" [vsc 2015-08-07], The Princeton Review tells us:

"Selected Schools:

Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine New Westminster, BC 
$17,950 Tuition 154 Enrolled

Bastyr University - School of Naturopathic Medicine Kenmore, WA
$31,789 Tuition 591 Enrolled

Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine Toronto, ON
$20,100 Tuition 542 Enrolled

University of Bridgeport - College of Naturopathic Medicine Bridgeport, CT
 $25,370 Tuition 

National College of Natural Medicine Portland, OR

$24,150 Tuition 422 Enrolled."

now, UB doesn't have there an enrollment number.  I'll guess a number: 150.  And I'll do some math below.  There are, actually MORE ND schools than what is listed: such as NUHS and SCNM.

002. the math:

(average tuition) X (4 years) X (total enrollment of these 5 schools) =

23,600 X 4 X 1859 =

really, over 175 million dollars, and I think I've low-balled it. That's A LOT of money being spent on an area that claims categorically to be "science" and yet contains huge swaths of what is PATENTLY science-exterior.  HOW are they allowed to process SO MUCH money under an obviously FALSE position?  And what's even better is that they claim you have problems they only can fix, therapeutically speaking, like toxins.  But it's a fake problem, and they've a solution for it: detoxification.  And that reminds me of racketeering: putting someone in a position manipulatively, and coming along and profiting from fixing that situation.
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