Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Google Trends: Homeopathy Over the Last Few Years, and the AANP

here, a look at homeopathy with Google's Trends this 2015-09:

001. Google's Trends tells us, regarding homeopathic, that it's STAGNANT in terms of "news":
002. meanwhile:

002.a. the AANP claims, absurdly, that homeopathy is effective, in "Homeopathy - A Primer":

"[by ND Johnson] homeopathy’s effectiveness is supported by a large body of research in the medical literature. There are hundreds of well-designed trials published in peer-reviewed journals that demonstrate its effectiveness [...]";

that is false, in terms of rigorous science, as opposed to cherry-picking proponentry.

002.b. AANP ND Kwan, an SCNM graduate, states on her page "Homeopathy":

"the demand for skilled homeopathic practitioners is growing as people acknowledge the limitations of pharmaceutical medications and recognize the potential homeopathy has to restore health and often cure the incurable."

I'd respond: NOT efficacious, and by way of Google Trends, NOT growing, at least in terms of "news."
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