Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Licensed Falsehood: Naturopathy's Reflexology, Homeopathy, Reiki Nonsense in Woodbridge, CT

here, three NDs in Woodbridge, CT and the naturopathy nonsense we're NOT told is nonsense:

001. J.M. Krizin reports, at, in "First Selectman Visits Naturopath Offices" [2015 archived] (2015-08-26):

"Woodbridge now has three naturopathic doctors providing services to residents and patients across the region[...]";


"the First Selectman has been visiting local businesses to highlight them[...] 'I am so pleased that three NDs have chosen to make Woodbridge their professional home [...] these businesses [...] offer residents a natural alternative when it comes to their health [...] Woodbridge residents are very fortunate to have these three experts in natural health right here in our own backyard [...] this is yet another positive development for Woodbridge' [...] said First Selectman Ellen Scalettar' [of Yale Law School...]";

ah, an 'of the professions claim' upon naturopathy.  And the naturalness fallacy.

"[mentioned are NDs] Botwick [a 2003 UBCNM ND grad and employee....who] offers acupuncture, reflexology and massage [...and ND] Nash [an NCNM grad....who says] 'our job is to restore the body’s inherent ability to rebuild and regenerate' [...and ND] DeKadt [a 1985 NCNM ND grad....] Connecticut is one of the few states to offer a license for naturopathic physicians, which means they are licensed health-care providers and visits are covered by insurance. The number of NDs in the state has been growing since the University of Bridgeport began offering a degree in naturopathy [...]";

so, UBCNM and NCNM.  Now, UB is the place that categorically terms naturopathy "health science" while containing the profoundly science-ejected such as homeopathy, vitalism, and supernaturalism.  And NCNM, well, it's very interesting how at that school we're told that similar PROFOUNDLY science-ejected ideas and methods in fact survive scientific scrutiny.  This is the falsehood, in part, in the licensed falsehood of naturopathy. 

002. is natural health positive?  We were told "professional" and "positive" by the legislator.  I disagree:

002.a. ND Botwick:

now, we were told reflexology is practiced by the ND in the article, which is utter nonsense.  Her practice page "About Dr. Botwick" states: "Dr. Botwick offers acupuncture [...] homeopathy [...] reiki, cranio-sacral therapy, and reflexology to her patients."

that's some WEIRD stuff.  And her degree is from a "division of health sciences"?

002.b. ND Nash:

her page "Biotherapeutic Drainage" [2015 archived] states: "many of you who have visited my office have experienced the process of Biotherapeutic Drainage using the UNDA numbered compounds and other homeopathic remedies [...] homeopathic remedies are extremely safe and non-toxic but immensely potent medicines."

how wooful.

002.c. ND DeKadt:

in "FAQ" we're told: "the healing approaches used by naturopathic medicine are informed by scientific studies."

well, there's a much science behind homeopathy and kind as there is behind the idea that the sun goes around the earth.
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