Friday, September 4, 2015

ND McNiven: Homeopathy is "Especially Effective"

here, sugar pills and kind posed as effective and upon a science "foundation":

001. McNiven, L. (ND CCNM 2001) states in "Naturopathic Help for Infertility" (2015-09-04) [vsc 2015-09-04]:

"preparing your body for pregnancy [...] from a naturopathic perspective [...] herbals and homeopathic remedies are especially effective when optimizing the hormone levels. Infertility acupuncture is very helpful as well [...] you may decide that you want to cleanse your body before getting pregnant, and so selecting the proper cleanse is important as well";

well, what I'd say is if it's effective subset homeopathy for naturopathy, and add into that herbs, acupuncture and cleansing as equally effective, then because we know scientifically speaking that homeopathy is pure bunk, look at the bunk company it keeps.

002. by the way, at, apparently the ND's practice, there are such wooful things as: 

reflexology, colon hydrotherapy, ion cleanse, live cell analysis, and of course naturopathic medicine which includes:

"acupuncture [...and] biomeridian testing [...and] homeopathy."

003. and oh yeah, this is Alberta, Canada wherein the ND regulatory organization up there, the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta, states, in "Frequently Asked Questions About Naturopathic Doctors in Alberta":

"NDs study the same basic medical and clinical sciences as other healthcare professionals [...] these sciences lay the foundation [...] there are also numerous randomized control trials and evidence‐based studies in the literature that have shown the efficacy of the approaches and modalities used in naturopathic medicine. Scientific examination of naturopathic methods is important, helping to bring clarity and refinement to the traditional and historical use of various therapies [...including] homeopathy."

so, that's the REGULATOR, which is the NDs themselves, stating that PROFOUND nonscience is upon a science foundation.  And a professions claim, but how can naturopathy be a profession if it is based upon falsehood?  Licensed falsehood marches on...

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