Wednesday, September 23, 2015

ND Woodall - "Naturopathic Rheumatology"

here, naturopathy using the medical specialty label "rheumatology" while claiming conventional medicine only treats symptoms:

001. ND Woodall tells us in "Naturopathic Rheumatology" (2015):

"the fundamental philosophy of naturopathic medicine says that the body is inherently smart and that it doesn't do things without reason [...]";

this is that part of the naturopathic outlook that seems to put psychological characteristics upon the body systems.  Causes lead to effects in terms of physiology.  Those are mechanisms without mentality or purposefulness.  It is the brain that is smart, sometimes, and purposeful.  This is a masked version of what I'll call physiological vitalism and its handmaiden, teleology.

 "conventional treatment is getting great results relieving people's pain, by totally shutting down the immune system [...]";

so, the accusation that pain, a symptom, is what conventional medicine only treats at the cost of immunosuppression in a TOTAL way.  Well, both are nonsense claims.  Standard of care is required to not merely palliate but treat at disorders comprehensively.  To say so otherwise is to create a false accusation.  And if patient's TOTAL immunity was being shut down, well, they'd quickly be DEAD and that's not happening.

"but if you don't understand why the immune system has become dysregulated, then we cannot provide lasting cure [...]";

I think this is a promise that naturopathy has secret knowledge that conventional medicine does not have, and can cure what medical science best knows of as chronic and degenerative and intractable.  Quite a promise.  Quite ideological. So what do we get here?  Claim specialty coupled with general knowledge that is false.

002. his practice:

the office is in Washington State

practitioners: ND Woodall is Bastyr ND graduate, who practices with ND Shah also of Bastyr, and ND Easter also of Bastyr.

services: their dispensing includes such things as supplements, homeopathics, and 'detox and cleanse' materials.

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