Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Extraordinary "Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification" Claims of Alberta NDs Engele and Kim

here, foot bath detox NONSENSE by licensed NDs:

001. CCNM ND graduates and Alberta NDs Engele and Kim state, in "Ionic Foot Bath Detoxification" [2015 archived]:

"we live in a modern world where we are exposed to endless forms of pollution from the air we breath, food we eat, and the products we use. Its important to take steps to reduce your toxic burden [...] detoxify your body with an ionic foot bath [...] an easy way to help reduce toxins that collect and build up in your cells over time. These form a barrier to reaching sustainable wellness. Which make you more susceptible to illness [...] we cannot stress enough how important detoxification in general can be to establishing a strong base for improving your health.  It can help improve the effectiveness of other treatments [...] EB-Pro ionic foot bath introductory mini-package for first time patients [...] 3 [for] $85.00 [...]"; 

the detoxification scam! This is simply NOT TRUE, in both the ins and outs kind of way here.  By the way, creating a fake problem that a solution is offered for, even a fake solution like this, is usually termed racketeering.  Scaring people, manipulating them, reaping the rewards.

"it's a very safe and effective treatment that many patients use it regularly as part of their ongoing health maintenance [...] how does the ionic foot bath cellular cleanse work? [...] your feet, which have an abundance of large pores, are perfect for draining the toxins out of your body. That is why we place them in a basin of warm water that helps open those pores [...]";

well, there's a claim it actually works at all.  But the physiology just isn't there.  Otherwise, I believe, the worlds sweaty socks would have to be treated as toxic waste.  Duh.

"it's based on bioenergetics, which means it creates an energy field similar to that found in the human body. This stimulates cellular energy which enhances your body’s ability to cleanse itself internally and naturally at an increased rate [...]";

bioenergetics is another name for bullshit.  Vitalistic science-ejected bullshit.

"ionic foot bath detox supports the treatment of many things, including allergies and sensitivities, detoxification in general, inflammation in muscles or joints, helps improve the range of motion of joints, migraine headaches, effectively supporting and reinforcing other methods to detoxify your body, general improvement in your health and well being [...and] helps restore and normalize your body’s correct pH balance and energy levels [...]"; 

ah, the panacea.  PROVE IT.  No studies named, no chemicals named that actually are measurable in the detox water.

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