Saturday, September 26, 2015

The ND Graduation of Trinity School of Natural Health 2015

here, an ND graduation video from Trinity School of Natural Health:

001. the account for Trinity School of Natural Health has up the video "Congrats N.D. Graduates" (2015):
.[the link]

001.a. from the description:

"Trinity School of Natural Health is excited to welcome 29 new doctors of naturopathy. We feel truly blessed to have you in the Trinity School family. Please remember us and stay in contact during your journey in natural health. You are the new world changers [...]";

very interesting.

001.b. from the video:

"body, mind, spirit [how naturopathic!...] a whole person [...] CNHP foundational event [...] you have the knowledge and the passion to change the world [...] congratulations ND grads";

I guess that means certified natural health professional.  I believe they show applied kinesiology in the video.  And in the Trinity Vimeo account is an iridology video.
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