Saturday, September 12, 2015

When Naturopathy Didn't Have a Definition: AANP 1987 Conference

here, from the archives!

001. this is an image of a recording of the Second Annual AANP Conference from 1987 that I own:
[available for purchase here].
001.a. part one:

You have ND Sensenig, the AANP President, talking in "The AANP Promise" about the structure of the newly formed AANP.  He does mention naturopathy contextually as based on vitalism.  It's not a very useful twenty-something minutes. E.g.: the slideshow that goes on even though someone stole the slide projector is rather amusing.

001.b. part two:

The second cassette shows the beginnings of the process of neo-naturopathy amalgamating its principles and methods.  This section, though titled ND Sensenig, is actually NDs Snider and Zeff leading an audience participation session as people walk up to a microphone and answer the question "what is naturopathic medicine?"  One ND does mention "vis medicatrix naturae", but the twenty-something minutes really are a nebulous mess, as it should be, because they had NO ORTHODOX definition, as this is a couple years before the Rippling River ND principles publication.

002. worthy of note:

As the AANP Idaho chapter tells us currently on their web page "What is Naturopathic Medicine?": "Definition of Naturopathic Medicine: AANP Position Paper, 1989 Snider P., Zeff J., Co-Chairs: Select Committee on the Definition of Naturopathic Medicine, AANP House of Delegates, Rippling River, Oregon."

Also, here's the admission of a science-ejected context which defines naturopathy, in 1987.  Ten years later, UB would admit their first ND students for their naturopathy college that they housed within a "division of health sciences."
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