Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Burton Goldberg Interview on 'What Really Works' for Cancer [he KNOWS]

here, claims that amaze me in terms of their reality-detachment:

001. were told in the video "Dr. Burton Goldberg Cancer Interview - Biopsy Cause More Cancer!":

"[from the video] I think mainstream medicine is ignorant of what causes disease [...] you see, we're being poisoned to death [...] by the environment [...] the holistic approach [...] in alternative medicine, we have techniques [...including applied] kinesiology [...] muscle testing [...] electrodermal screening [...] quantum physics [...] generally, the alternative doctors are able to reverse it without surgery [...] but, if surgery is necessary, first encapsulate the tumor [...] with proteolytic enzymes [...] we try to cover up the efficacy of natural medicine because it goes against the pharmaceutical chemical industrial complex [...from the description] here is 10 minutes with Burton Goldberg publisher and known as the voice of alternative medicine [...]";

really!  He is not a Dr., by the way, in terms of science or medicine, though the title says "Dr." and cancer.  He does say he has "an honorary doctorate in humanities."  He KNOWS so much.
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