Friday, October 9, 2015

ND Pincott: You 'Need a Naturopathic Doctor's Woo'

here, a British Columbia, Canada ND's account of a patient's MISTAKEN high-regard for naturopathy.  Too bad patient's are so easy to trick and know so little about how they're being tricked:

001. ND Pincott writes in "Why Do You Need a Naturopathic Doctor?" (2015-10-09):

"I recently had a wonderful experience with a patient [...] who agreed to an interview. Here is her story [...]";

tell me a STORY.  NDs are so good at STORIES. 

"SG came to me in 1999 and at that time I got her on a regime to help her sluggish liver and I also put her on my candida program [...and the pt. states] 'in the last few months I have lost 30 pounds just doing food combining and avoiding the foods that came up on my EDS food sensitivity testing.  No MD will tell you that' [...]"; 

these are WOO diagnoses and therapies.  EDS specifically is a PARLOR TRICK. Quite a story.

"[the pt. speaks of] I had exhausted the medical profession (the band-aid) [...] I was reminded that there are solutions other than just band-aids [...] I am looking for long term solutions and not for a temporary band-aid solution [...] desperate like I was [...] I am looking for an MD and ND to work together for ME to help me get to the cause of my problem and then help me DO something about it.  MDs don’t know about [...ect.] ND’s do [...]";

it is quite common for naturopathy to insinuate that they 'get to the cause' PROFOUNDLY, while regular medicine SHALLOWLY and NEGLIGENTLY 'only treats symptoms.'  Brainwashing the desperate.  By the way, if MDs don't know about the lysine the patient mentions, then why is there an article up about it at WebMD?  That false 'naturopathic secret knowledge.'

002. is this racketeering?

is this a creation of a fake problem that the purveyor of the fake problem then offers a solution for -- a fake solution -- for their own profit?

in my view, YES:

you have this fake issue that 'MDs are negligent and incompetent so come to me I instead get to the cause' with my secret knowledge, you have the ND actually doing FAKE THINGS like diagnostic EDS as a solution which is bogus and that is no secret, and I'm sure this is not done for free.

 business as usual in Naturopathyland.
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