Friday, November 13, 2015 UK May Ban NHS Homeopathy by Prescription

here, news on homeopathy policy in the UK by way of The Guardian:

001. we're told, in "Homeopathy on Prescription Could be Banned from NHS" (2015-11-13):

"[according to GTS] homeopathy should be blacklisted [...] homeopathy [has] failed to meet [...these four conditions: be] effective, whether it was cost-effective, whether there were cheaper alternatives, and whether it was so widely available on the high street it did not need to be prescribed [] GPs in England could be banned from prescribing homeopathy after the threat of a judicial review apparently forced ministers to launch a consultation on the move [...] the move comes after the Good Thinking Society threatened [ way of] law firm Bindmans [...] to challenge the department’s refusal to add homeopathic products to the NHS’s 'schedule 1' blacklist, which details the products NHS doctors cannot prescribe, effectively blocking taxpayer funds from being used for them [...] the Department for Health announced the consultation on Friday, with George Freeman, the minister for life sciences, saying that in a time of rising demand the government had a duty to ensure NHS funds were spent only on the most effective treatments [...]":

hear, hear. 

"a refusal to add homeopathic remedies to the list would not only represent a breach of the Department of Health’s legal obligations, but also a failure to ensure that NHS funds are spent on treatments that can genuinely help patients [...]"; 

hear, hear, hear.  Soon to happen here [North America].
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