Monday, November 23, 2015 Dr. Dawlatly, UK Physician, 'Homeopathy is Irresponsible Fantasy'

here, a Birmingham GP's opinion on homeopathy: 

001. Dr. Samir Dawlatly writes at "Continuing to Fund Homeopathy is Irresponsible" (2015-11-23):

"the Department of Health [...] recently rejected calls by MPs to withdraw the funding of homeopathy on the NHS. It would appear that the Government is happy to continue to fund the prescribing of placebo, even though there appears to be something ethically dubious about prescribing inert sugar pills [...] the Department of Health argues that the funding of homeopathy should continue to allow for patient choice. This argument is blatantly ridiculous. At a time when the NHS is being asked to make efficiency savings, allowing the choice and funding of treatments that are based on fantasy, is irresponsible and is further evidence of the Government railroading its own agenda";

hear, hear.
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